Gabe Vasquez spews ‘blatant lie’ about GOP opponent over recent court ruling

A recent ruling by the Alabama Supreme Court decision has virtually halted in vitro fertilization (IVF) in the state. 

Far-left Democrat Rep. Gabe Vasquez of New Mexico’s Second District used the news of the ruling to attack his GOP opponent, former Congresswoman Yvette Herrell, claiming she is “an extremist.” Herrell is the GOP nominee for the seat.

“Extremist Yvette Herrell is in lockstep with Alabama’s Supreme Court. Republicans are taking away women’s reproductive healthcare rights & now they’re taking away the opportunity for loving couples to start a family. This is shameful & Herrell’s voting record is clear. Enough,” he wrote in the melodramatic X post. 

However, Congresswoman Herrell is not against IVF. National Republican Congressional Committee spokeswoman Delanie Bomar posted that “this is a blatant lie,” sharing an article from Axios that noted the former congresswoman’s position.

“Former Reps. Mayra Flores (R-Texas) and Yvette Herrell (R-N.M.), who are running for their old seats, said in statements to Axios that they support access to IVF,” read the article.

Many Republicans are joining in to support IVF. On Friday, the 45th President expressed his endorsement for the continuation of in vitro fertilization treatments amid the contentious legal discourse in Alabama, where a recent court decision has classified frozen embryos as persons. In a statement on Truth Social, President Donald Trump emphasized his commitment to fostering robust, flourishing American families, stating, “Under my leadership, the Republican Party will always support the creation of strong, thriving, healthy American families. We want to make it easier for mothers and fathers to have babies, not harder! That includes supporting the availability of fertility treatments like IVF in every State in America.”

Trump further aligned himself with the general consensus in the country, advocating for the accessibility of IVF for couples striving to conceive. “Like the OVERWHELMING MAJORITY of Americans, including the VAST MAJORITY of Republicans, Conservatives, Christians, and Pro-Life Americans, I strongly support the availability of IVF for couples who are trying to have a precious baby,” he remarked.

In light of the judicial decision in Alabama, which led to several providers’ temporary halt in IVF services, Trump urged the state’s lawmakers to devise a solution to safeguard IVF services promptly. 


8 thoughts on “Gabe Vasquez spews ‘blatant lie’ about GOP opponent over recent court ruling”

  1. Gabe, why do you misrepresent what Yvette Herrell supports? Is it because you don’t want voters to look too closely at your voting record?

  2. Congressman Gabe Vasquez saying that Yvette Herrell is a “extremist” is very misleading. For one thing, I don’t really think that Mr. Vasquez actually knows the true definition of extremism, nor do I think he knows that his side of the political and social spectrum are the ones with the extremist policies that are ruining and destroying our country and even our planet, including New Mexico, as we speak. I mean, Vasquez has voted to require health care workers to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, or I should say, voted for health care workers to be forced to take the COVID-19 vaccine or be fired if they didn’t take it, as a member of Congress. Vasquez is also very anti-oil and gas and as a member of Congress, has voted for Joe Biden to freeze oil and gas leases. He also supports defunding law enforcement in the United States, including in New Mexico, has supported funding towards the Palestinians, a race of people who, since at least 2006, have voted into office and into their own government an actual terrorist organization, Hamas, who commits acts of terrorism and who, without provocation, attacked Israel first on October 7, 2023, therefore starting the worst war between Israel and Palestine since 1973. Vasquez has also stated that the border patrol’s ICE department, needs “melting”. Basically, what he was saying is that “we need to stop funding ICE” and stuff like that. He also supports abortion up to and including birth, and so on. He also has voted against securing the southern border, and northern border, of the United States, and has voted against stopping the border crisis of which Joe Biden created four years ago as well. And yet, Vasquez has the nerve to call Yvette Herrell, Congresswoman Yvette Herrell as I call her, an extremist. An extremist, one of the definitions of the word, is a person, mainly someone in politics, who advocates or supports or resorts to something beyond the norm. And the Left and today’s Democratic Party figures, like Mr. Vasquez, are much like that. They resort and support things that are way beyond the norm and things that common sense minded people do not support. Like for example, the Left and today’s Democratic Party all, meaning all leftist media outlets like CNN and MSNBC and BBC, etc, support having gender reassignment surgeries performed on children and teens, because in their view, children and teens are “in the wrong body” or that they “identify” as a boy or a girl, or such. So pro-gender affirming care advocates believe that putting puberty blockers and estrogen into children and teens and therefore having children and teens have gender reassignment surgery will supposedly “make their lives better” and that anyone who opposes having gender reassignment surgeries performed on children and teens are labeled as “transphobic” or that they hate transgender people or transgender children, or such. Well, the truth is, gender reassignment surgeries on minors would not make their lives better, and really as we have seen, it hasn’t. Children and teens who have gender reassignment surgery to become transgender are actually more likely, statistically, to commit suicide or attempt suicide, are more likely to suffer from mental health issues such as depression, or are more likely to regret transitioning, or detransition, which the Left claims isn’t real, but is real, than children and teens who do not have gender reassignment surgery. In fact, transgender people, overall, including children and teens who become transgender through gender reassignment surgery, are actually 7.6 times more likely to attempt suicide, or commit suicide, than any other group, except maybe another group of people. Since the year 2000, in the United States alone, 61% of transgender people have committed suicide, and another 28% of transgender people have attempted suicide, with the reminder that transgender people only make up a small percentage of the United States population. And by the way, that includes children and teens who become transgender through gender reassignment surgery too. And unfortunately, these statistics are global. Gender reassignment surgeries on minors will not make their lives better. Why do you think that all of these states and countries including Tennessee, Utah, Hungary, Sweden, Florida, even France and the United Kingdom, etc, have banned gender reassignment surgeries on minors and have banned puberty blockers onto children and teens? Because it won’t make their lives better. This doesn’t mean that we hate children and teens, including maybe if or when they become transgender. What were saying is that children and teens who have gender reassignment surgery has serious consequences that will make those children and teens infertile and unfortunately, suicidal too, as well as other consequences. That is why all of those states and countries including Tennessee, Florida, the United Kingdom, Hungary, Arkansas, etc, have banned gender reassignment surgery and puberty blockers onto children and teens. But, the Left and today’s Democratic Party supports gender reassignment surgeries being performed on children and teens to supposedly make their lives better, including doing it without the knowledge of the parent or even consent of the parent. Now that is the true definition of extremism. Abortion up to and including birth and after birth? Extremism. I mean, I thought that regular abortion was bad. And it is. But, abortion up to and including birth and after birth?! That’s worse. In other words, your not just murdering the baby in the womb anymore. Your murdering an innocent human being who happens to be a baby right up to the point that the mother is actually giving birth, or even after the mother gives birth to the child. That is true extremism if I ever saw it. And so on.

    So it is obvious to me that Mr. Vasquez doesn’t know the true meaning of extremism. And yet, Vasquez has the nerve to call a person like Yvette Herrell, someone who supports the First Amendment, Second Amendment, who supports school choice, Israel, is pro-life, who supports law enforcement and law and order, who supports border security, who opposes abortion up to and including birth and after birth, etc, an extremist, when he knows full well that his party, the Democratic Party, support extremist policies like abortion up to and including birth and after birth and forcing little kids to change genders to supposedly make their lives better and forcing women and girls to compete with biological males who utterly and unceremoniously beat and destroy them thus endangering women’s sports and girls’s sports, etc, and are the ones who are the extremists. Vasquez knows this, but yet unfortunately, he doesn’t care. But, he knows. He just won’t admit that his party the Democratic Party are the ones with the extremist policies. He refuses to admit it. But trust me, he knows.

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