Former state rep. challenging Leger Fernandez for congressional seat

Former state Rep. Sharon Clahchischilliage, a lifelong public servant, veteran, teacher, and former State Representative, has officially announced her candidacy for the Republican nomination in New Mexico’s Third Congressional District. Clahchischilliage’s extensive background in serving her community positions her as a candidate ready to deliver for the hardworking people of New Mexico.

Clahchischilliage is challenging the incumbent far-left Democrat Teresa Leger Fernandez, whom she criticizes for prioritizing a radical agenda over the needs of New Mexico’s citizens. She asserts that it is time for Congress to hear a voice like hers, one grounded in service to the country, education, farming, and opposition to radical policies in Santa Fe.

“We are tired of hearing one thing from our elected officials in New Mexico and watching them do another in Washington. Teresa Leger Fernandez has promised a lot and delivered on none of it, probably because she’s too busy playing politics and pushing President Biden’s failed agenda on us,” said Clahchischilliage. “It’s time for Congress to hear a voice like mine, someone who has served our country, taught in the classroom, raised on the family farm, and fought against the radicals in Santa Fe.”

Courtesey photo via former state Rep. Sharon Clahchischilliage.

Clahchischilliage’s candidacy centers on restoring commonsense values to Washington and delivering results for the hardworking families of New Mexico. She emphasizes the need to address pressing issues such as high costs, escalating crime rates, struggling public education, and border security, which she believes have been ignored by Teresa Leger Fernandez and President Joe Biden.

“Costs are too high, crime is out-of-control, public education is leaving students behind and pushing parents out, and the border remains open to drugs and dangerous cartels. We can do better, but we need someone in Congress who will tackle these challenges, not ignore them like Teresa Leger Fernandez and Joe Biden,” stated Sharon Clahchischilliage.

Sharon Clahchischilliage’s background as a public servant, rooted in family values and a deep connection to New Mexico’s unique issues, positions her as a candidate who understands the concerns of her constituents. With experience in teaching, public health service, and advocacy for the Navajo Nation, she brings a diverse skill set to the table.

As a former State Representative, Clahchischilliage sponsored legislation aimed at building roads, strengthening the economy, and supporting rural New Mexicans. Currently, she serves on the Public Education Commission and the Board of Directors for Be Well NM, where she continues her dedication to improving the lives of New Mexicans.

Sharon Clahchischilliage’s candidacy represents a commitment to public service, strong family values, and a deep understanding of New Mexico’s unique challenges. Her run for the Republican nomination in New Mexico’s Third Congressional District aims to provide a voice for the hardworking people of the state and address pressing issues in Washington.


7 thoughts on “Former state rep. challenging Leger Fernandez for congressional seat”

  1. Sharon Clahchischilliage, you are going to have to spend a great deal of time in Northern NM to uproot your opponent. However, you must win!
    The Democratic rule in this state is beyond obscene!

    God Speed!

    Rev. Rico

  2. I hope she’s not a Democrat! Thanks for throwing your hat in the ring, Ma’am! Ledger-Fernandez is as dumb and malleable as a lump of clay in the hands of her Washington controllers! Plus, she talks like Elmer Fudd! That wascawwy wabbit! 😆 Her, Stansbury and MLG’s communist Hito down south are all paid off communist useful tools and Haaland who screwed Navajo lease holders at Chaco canyon for her communist daughter! Pueblo Indians screwed thru native brothers and susters! Isn’t Weger-Hernandez responsible for caving to Avangaard and PNM to shut down the coal fired plant in Farmington? No Navajo or any same person should vote to keep these 💩 for brains useful tools!

  3. Congratulations Ms Sharon! (I don’t know how to even pretend to say your last name.) If what I’m reading is correct about you, and we can count on you to do as you say, hooray! So often candidates say what they want only to get in and then destroy us.
    Our state and the nation are both in a mess! We must get Republicans like you, that we can trust, into office.
    My pockets are not deep, but I support you and wish you the best.

  4. Jose Varela López

    Former Representative Clahchischilliage was a great conservative representative. I wish her the best in her run for Congress to represent the more rural voices in northern New Mexico that are never addressed in Washington, D.C.

  5. Leger-Fernandez is no dummy, she plays the game and moves with the wind from DC. NM counts for little when you want to keep your seat, you just dish out the drivel the DNC offers and hope for stupid constituencies.

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