Following her resignation, national outlets finally cover Sheryl Williams Stapleton’s alleged graft

On Friday, disgraced former New Mexico House Democrat Leader Sheryl Williams Stapleton resigned both her leadership position and her House seat, claiming, “I have held this position with great distinction and humility.” She is currently under investigation for racketeering, money laundering, and illegal kickbacks, all stemming from alleged political graft by stealing money from the students of the Albuquerque Public Schools.

Following her resignation, national outlets, including Fox News finally began covering Williams Stapleton’s alleged political graft, which KOB 4 reporter Chris Ramirez opined is “perhaps the largest political corruption investigation I’ve reported on.” 

Fox News reported what other outlets had previously, writing, “The search warrant affidavit showed that Stapleton had access to the post office box where checks were being sent to Robotics, and video surveillance showed her depositing checks from the school district for Robotics on multiple occasions.” 

“Stapleton’s legislative actions and more than $950,000 in checks from the company to nonprofits, a restaurant and a bank account linked to her are also being investigated. From there, some money went directly to Stapleton, investigators said.” 

Even the far-left Santa Fe New Mexican editorial board previously wrote, “Though innocent until proven guilty is a standard of proof for court cases, the cloud over Williams Stapleton is serious enough that she should consider resigning sooner than later. At minimum, that frees her up to defend herself and allows a scandal-free representative to be appointed.” Stapleton appears to have heeded her far-left allies’ advice. 

Following the news of Williams Stapleton’s departure, House Republican Leader Jim Townsend (R-Artesia) wrote, “I don’t think anyone in the legislature is not shocked by what has occurred over the past week. House Republicans are focused on ensuring that public trust is not eroded and that trust can be restored in our institution. It is of the utmost importance that the public is delivered an investigation that roots out what occurred, where the failures were, and that any and all bad actors- including those that failed to prevent or report- are dealt with swiftly and decisively. New Mexicans expect more out of elected officials and we must hold each other to a higher standard.” 

Other news outlets, such as the Epoch Times, Yahoo News, and others finally picked up the story, which has sent shockwaves across New Mexico and other allegedly corrupt politicians running scared, as the house of cards may be about to fall.

New Mexico House Majority Leader Rep. Sheryl Williams Stapleton served as failed Democrat congressional candidate Victor Reyes’ campaign treasurer during the special election to fill Deb Haaland’s seat in the First Congressional District. It is unclear if any impropriety happened with the filings for Reyes’ campaign.

Appointed state Rep. Pamelya Herndon (D-Bernalillo, pictured) appears to have been an ally of Williams Stapleton’s, however, it is unclear if she knew of or had involvement with the disgraced former lawmaker’s alleged graft.

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