FACT CHECK: New Luján ad falsely claims Trump, Ronchetti won’t cover pre-existing conditions

One day after Ben Ray Luján sent out a fundraising email complaining about his opponent for U.S. Senate, Republican Mark Ronchetti’s claims that Luján is a Washington, D.C. insider, he has released a new attack ad of his own, which blatantly lies about Ronchetti’s policy positions, specifically on health care.

The ad says Ronchetti “supports Trump’s plan to gut protections for pre-existing conditions like cancer and heart disease.” 

The accusation, which the ad doesn’t even give a reference for (because the claim cannot be backed up with facts), is false information because Ronchetti and President Donald Trump have made it crystal clear they support the coverage of pre-existing conditions, no exceptions. 

According to an interview with the Roswell Daily Record

Republican candidates across the country such as Ronchetti have been accused by Democrats of supporting a lawsuit backed by Trump and several Republican attorneys general that could abolish the Affordable Care Act.

Ronchetti calls such accusations ridiculous. He said he wants to improve health care and said any replacement plan must include protections for people with pre-existing conditions and not cut Medicaid.

“So you can put that in 10-inch bold type: We want to cover pre-existing conditions and will protect Medicaid. Period. End of discussion,” he said.

There is no ambiguity in the fact that Ronchetti supports the coverage of pre-existing conditions and the protection of Medicaid, “period.”

President Trump has on multiple occasions made it clear he has no plans to cut Medicaid or gut coverage of pre-existing conditions, even going as far as to propose signing an executive order to that effect. He campaigned on protecting pre-existing conditions in 2016, which he has not wavered from.

According to Reuters: 

Asked on Monday why he needed an executive order to mandate something that is already legally required, Trump said it would provide “a double safety net” and would “let people know that the Republicans are totally, strongly in favor of … taking care of people with pre-existing conditions.”

Ben Ray Luján’s ad not only tells blatant mistruths about President Trump’s and Mark Ronchetti’s policy positions, but it should also be taken down as false information by the “fact-checkers” and denied from being played on television stations due to its wildly inaccurate content. 


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  1. When will New Mexicans take the Democrat Socialist Neo Marxist blinders off and see what Deb Haaland, Xochitl Torres Small, and failing Democrat leaders in Washington such as Nancy Pelosi and Church Schumer’s plans to gut America’s economy, moral values, traditional families, American history, and traditional Conservative guidelines for small government? As a native of New Mexico and Albuquerque, I have never seen Democrats stoop to an all time low instead of going high. More lies from the deceitful Democrats.

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