Ethics complaint filed against SOS Maggie Toulouse Oliver: Report

According to a report from the website “Estancia.News,” an ethics complaint has been filed against New Mexico’s Democrat Secretary of State Maggie Toulouse Oliver over her attempts to crush referendum petitions challenging the state’s far-left laws recently passed during the 2023 Legislative Session.

The outlet reported that referendum organizer Ramona Goolsby “filed an ethics complaint against the New Mexico Secretary of State for dereliction of duty, malicious abuse of process, and abuse of power. Goolsby also filed a judicial complaint against District 13 Judge, James Noel, for improperly closing a case dealing with the referendum, apparently for purposes of a media campaign to discredit the effort,” reported the outlet. 

“The organizers allege that the SOS has purposely misinformed the public about the referendum process to serve her personal political agenda.”

Although none of the six laws attempting to be challenged were labeled for the “preservation of the public peace, health or safety,” which are exempt from referendum, Toulouse Oliver is using this as a pretext to try and stop them from going forward. 

Bills attempted to be overturned via referendum include legislation trying local jurisdictions’ hands from regulating abortion, an expansion of school-based health centers pushing abortion and “gender-affirming care,” bills weakening New Mexico elections, a bill harboring criminal abortionists, and legislation expanding the “Human Rights Act.” Read more about the referendum petition project being organized by Better Together New Mexico here.

Goolsby told Estancia.News, “The reason I filed the ethics complaint against the SOS is that she is being dishonest with the courts and dishonest with the public. I think she has become used to saying things that aren’t true and people don’t question her and go along with it. New Mexicans are fed up with being lied to and having their rights dismissed by the elected class who are supposed to be working for us.”

Even left-wing columnists have decried Toulouse Oliver’s attempts to thwart the referendum petition, claiming they are attacks on democracy by the Democrat official. 

The Albuquerque Journal previously reported, “The Secretary of State’s office has directed county clerks not to provide voter lists to those pushing the repeal effort, and warned voters that current petitions circulating are not valid since they have not been approved.” 

Goolsby concluded, “We are very disappointed that the SOS has not been willing to work with any of the grassroots organizations that have reached out to her. She continues to openly block a constitutional right the citizens of New Mexico were provided with by the founders of this great state. Her attitude smacks of elitism which is not sitting well with the average New Mexican.”


9 thoughts on “Ethics complaint filed against SOS Maggie Toulouse Oliver: Report”

  1. Elections have consequences, if New Mexicans were paying attention they would not have voted their rep in. I personally did not vote our rep (Slick) Willie Madrid, he is good on the gun bills, but was absent on some of the (schools change your kids sex or kill your grand baby with out parents type bills). Now that is it law, the SoS should work for the will of the people regardless how many kids she wants molested. She should give them what they need to get the signatures. As always “We the People” are to control the legislatures to do our bidding, not the other way around.

  2. Maggie, a poor little carpetbagger fleeing persecution and racist oppression in Cali looked upon the Santa Fe Ring and decided it was her kind of corruption. The model of her life is the Saul Alinsky method, to always accuse others of what you’re doing, never pass up a bribe, to hurdle the dead and trample the wounded. She’s learned well to cultivate the rich and powerful – amassing an estimated $20/$25 million fortune on the wages of a lowly government worker, “sacrificing for govt service.”

    Bought and paid for by Nazi georgi soros, Mags has lost no time in trying to stamp out any dissent to her prog policies and jail her opponents. Time will tell if these brownshirt actions will propel her to the crime capitol of d.c. or the confines of Leavenworth prison.

    1. This is interesting. Other than the Brietbart/MAGA/Q side trip about Soros, I find this enlightening. Is there some source available that you will share for more information?

  3. The so called doctors who are surgically castrating and mutilating the sex organs of children will eventually be imprisoned for intentional malpractice. And the politicians who voted to allow it should be imprisoned too. We will have trials like we had for the Nazis after the concentration camps full of medical experiments were revealed.

  4. Keep getting signatures. The referendum continues, and the fight goes on. We’ve got.nothing TOULOUSE.

  5. Such a shame, even liberal leaning folks feel this has overstepped law and New Mexico common sense. These folks are pushing decent people to take action. Sounds almost like the early days of Hitler and his supporters.

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