Dems panic over Herrell CD2 bid while national Republicans send endorsements

Immediately following former Congresswoman Yvette Herrell’s announcement alongside U.S. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy that she is running to reclaim New Mexico’s Second Congressional District, New Mexico Democrats freaked out on social media.

The Democrat Party of New Mexico (DPNM) wrote, “At a rally with GOP elite Speaker McCarthy, Yvette Herrell just announced yet another bid for NM’s 2nd Congressional District. Herrell’s damaging record speaks for itself. Her radical and out-of-touch agenda prioritizes corporations and GOP elites over New Mexicans,” not mentioning current Rep. Gabe Vasquez’s extreme abortion up-to-birth, pro-criminal, or anti-parent agenda.

The group claimed, “From promoting dangerous conspiracy theories to undermining democracy, her actions don’t align with New Mexico’s values.” 

“Yvette Herrell’s announcement with national elite GOP leadership is out of step with New Mexican values and shows that she remains beholden to Washington politicians, not to the people of New Mexico’s Second District,” claimed DPNM chairwoman Jessica Velasquez.

A tiny band of elderly protesters showed up to protest Herrell’s Las Cruces campaign announcement, some of them spewing profanities at attendees while they drove into the event.

The crying from New Mexico Democrats comes as every national Republican in the U.S. House leadership has endorsed Herrell. 

House Speaker McCarthy wrote in a statement, “Yvette Herrell is a fearless conservative leader -and New Mexico needs her back in Congress. During her time in Washington, Yvette always put her constituents first: working hard to deliver results for New Mexico families and standing up for fiscal responsibility, free markets, and constitutional rights. Yvette has my full endorsement and I look forward to serving with her again next Congress.”

House Majority Leader Steve Scalise wrote, “I am proud to endorse my friend Yvette Herrell for Congress in New Mexico’s Second District. Yvette is a humble and hardworking leader who proved her effectiveness as legislator while serving in the New Mexico House and then in Congress. As a small business woman, Yvette is a champion for good paying jobs and the New Mexico industries that create them, and is a strong advocate for the conservative principles that make our country great.”

“Yvette Herrell’s work ethic and perseverance are an inspiration to us all, and I am excited to endorse her for Congress today. Yvette is a tireless campaigner, a knowledgeable and principled legislator, and a true advocate for New Mexico’s Second District. I am proud to stand with Yvette and eagerly anticipate working with her again in the next Congress,” wrote House Majority Whip Tom Emmer.

“Our country is on the brink because of failed Far Left policies and New Mexico needs my good friend and conservative fighter Yvette Herrell more than ever. Yvette is a rock solid conservative who puts America First and prioritizes results for hardworking families over partisan politics. I am fully backing Yvette in her race and encourage all voters to rally behind her as we work together to flip this seat!” wrote House Republican Conference Chair Elise Stefanik. 

Stefanik’s E-PAC also endorsed Herrell, as well as the group Value In Electing Women (VIEW) PAC.


15 thoughts on “Dems panic over Herrell CD2 bid while national Republicans send endorsements”

    1. It helps to have proper grammar when insulting someone’s education….you probably have your mask on robbing your brain of oxygen

      1. Still, ITT tech was not the most rigorous institution. Years ago when I work in a hiring department, we divided application into ITT Tech and virtually everyone else. We tossed the ILL Tech applications. May Trumpcult was homeschooled?

        1. So basically, you just admitted to breaking the law by not providing equal opportunity employment, discrimination and many other laws.

  1. The Dems are panicking because they know Yvette’s conservative, common
    sense approach far better reflects New Mexico’s values than does radical Vasquez’ crazy town socialist agenda.

  2. The demoncrats again will find a way to cheat and the republicans will again cower and allow it to happen. I have no faith in government anymore but will still vote for Yvette and the few who have any morals or decency left in them. My trust is only in God.

  3. You were there but you were Not everywhere all the time! Things like this happen very quickly, sometimes right in front of us, and if our focus is somewhere else, we’ll Not pick up on it! You can’t be sure who else was there. Judging from my experience with protesters at conservative events, I’ve yet Not heard any profanity from the other side!

  4. yeah–you lefty-loonies even had out-of-town sign-wavers come to help–“save the children-get rid of guns”, but you support abortion??

  5. How do the democrats think she’s out of touch, she wants the oil industry back, she for second amendment rights, against abortion up to birth, etc. Vasquez is just another yes man for the Dems agendas including Grishams

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