Dem anti-gun bill heads to Gov. Lujan Grisham’s desk for a signature

On Wednesday, the New Mexico House of Representatives concurred with changes to an anti-gun bill that were made in the state Senate, sending H.B. 9 by Rep. Pamelya Herndon (D-Bernalillo) to Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s desk.

The bill would force citizens to lock up their firearms in “a gun safe or a device that prevents a firearm from being discharged or from being used to expel a projectile by the action of an explosion or a device other than a gun safe that locks a firearm and is designed to prevent children and unauthorized users from firing a firearm, which device may be installed on a firearm, be incorporated into the design of the firearm or prevent access to the firearm.”

If the gun owner does not lock up any and all firearms and their gun is somehow used in an offense by a minor causing “great bodily harm” or death, the parent of that child could be made a felon if the victim of the crime is killed or permanently disabled.

The bill included an amendment from the state Senate that created an exception for minors who have the “authorization of the minor’s parent or guardian for lawful hunting, lawful recreational use or any other lawful purpose.” The “lawful purpose” language would likely keep some people out of jail for not following the vague and confusing law.

It is unclear how the bill if signed, would be enforced since it is a reactionary piece of legislation based on if someone is harmed or killed by a weapon. 

The bill passed on a 34-28 vote with Democrat Reps. Ambrose Castellano of Ribera, Harry Garcia of Grants, Tara Jaramillo of Socorro, Patricia Lunstrom of Gallup, Willie Madrid of Chaparral, and Joseph Sanchez of Alcalde voting alongside all Republicans against concurrence.

Other anti-gun bills have not advanced as far as H.B. 9, but with fewer than nine days left in the legislative session, the likelihood of their passage declines significantly.


44 thoughts on “Dem anti-gun bill heads to Gov. Lujan Grisham’s desk for a signature”

  1. I am pro 2nd Amendment, but securing firearms from ciminals and prevent access to minors in my opinion is a responsible mechanism for safety. JMOP

    1. No, your not a 2nd supporter. Your a follower of the situation as it dictates to the new “woke” environment created by knee jerk reactions. You cannot “Secure” a firearm from a criminal, even in a safe. They simply steal the safe. You put a pock on the trigger, they simply cut the lock off with a $9.99 harbor freight 4-1/2″ angel grinder with a cut off wheel. I submit that you have been conditioned now by the left liberal base to compromise, which in their mindset, is much better than fighting. Read the news…Russia/Ukraine… Mexico kidnappings…China threats to Taiwan, militarily at that. In these hectic days in this modern world, the threat is far greater of disarming and disabling the right to bear arms of everyday Americans by convincing them that gun control is a good thing… and all the time the world is in a greater armed killing spree chaos than since WW2… and you fell right into that trap. Hook…Line… and Sinker. In my 38 years of peace officer work, 30 in New Mexico on the southern border alone, Not one time was I in fear of the armed honest law abiding citizen. When you, or I, may require the use of a firearm, you’ll need it within milliseconds, not seconds or a minuet or two… right then, right now. Robin Williams starred in a movie about survivor some years back, playing with guns shooting at another and he ran out of bullets… Robin asked for a time out to go get ammo… You are in the same mindset. Holding another person liable for the direct criminal actions of another; child or not, is…unconstitutional and immoral on the prosecution. If you report your firearm stolen now, you as a victim of a crime, will be burdened with proving your innocent of failing to secure your firearm. The preponderance of evidence suggests after this is passed by the Goober that you are guilty of a crime, because another crime is going to be committed and therefore you must answer to being a victim by being charged with a crime. A felony offense requires no warrant to arrest nor any actual facts, simply reasonable suspicion and some factors of probable cause and the officer can arrest you on sight. You, must prove to the police, that you secured your firearm and how are you going to do that? Show them the empty spot where your gun safe was at? Give them cut off locks? Who says that someone stole them? Your word against a 13-17 year old? The kid will say that you gave it to them because admitting to the theft is a foolish investigators dream case. And yes…I read the thing, it reeks of ignorance of self defense. Your and my right to be secure in our homes and belongings just took a crap in the goobers tolite in Santa Fe… and your still a 2nd supporter? Nope…I don’t think so… your complacent.

  2. How are they going to know if firearms are not locked up at home? Will police now ask about weapons stored in an automobile during a traffic stop? Will safes have to be purchased to store firearms traveling between home and a shooting range, or a hunting trip?
    I’m sure this will be one of MLG’s talking points on national news.

    1. I mentioned the same scenario but the site administrator censored my comment… You must prove to the police that your firearm was locked up prior to it being used in a criminal act by a minor… and…There is no way you can do that. Felony means no arrest warrant required by the police… they come and get you and that is that.

      1. 4th degree felony 18 mos prison and up to $5000 fine. The big issue i see is not being able to defend yourself when needed – gun in a safe does not allow this. Minors need to be taught hands off even if not in a safe – period. What if same logic was applied to vehicle, baseball bat, pipe, knife, machete
        that resulted in a homicide? Are police exempt?

  3. This is dumb….so if my home has a home invasion let’s say which is a common occurrence in new Mexico…..I have to go and open a safe?… I’m going ask who ever is breaking into my house to wait a second while I get my gun out of the safe?…you think they’ll give me some time for a chance to keep them from coming in?

    1. Put it this way, your going to have to prove that you secured your gun after…you were a victim of a crime… and with the Felony status passed, you can now be arrested without a warrant by the police responding to your home to take the report of your crime. All the police require to arrest for the felony is: You report a gun theft. The gun is entered into the system. The gun is used by a 12-17 year old and shoots anyone. The police didn’t see any evidence that you secured the gun stolen during the original theft report. You get a knock at your door ar 6:05 am on a Monday and your dragged off in handcuffs… Just don’t irritate the sites admin calling out the pedos in Santa Fe who wrote this c&$p… You’ll get banned like I did and censored like I have been.

    2. My other comment was censored by the site admin. I went into a detailed remark about something similar and have been silenced by the admin… I am surprised you didn’t get the same reaction from John. Robin Williams movie about survivor… ran out of bullets and Robin asked for a time out…

      1. Yes, I will start doing that. And if you feel comfortable with it , we are still an open carry state.

        “Love everyone, but don’t sell your swords”

  4. These laws don’t solve the problem. The problem is the person, not the gun. While they try to limit the rights of law abiding citizens who are armed to protect their families, they are relaxing penalties on the criminals. Government has lost its purpose! These laws are unconstitutional and should have never been proposed. Start filing the paperwork to sue!

    1. Hey Mike… How you doing? I didn’t know you were on here. Hope your doing good old man…lol. You are spot on on your comment. I have been censored yet again by the site admin for calling out a supporter whos actually not a supporter… The content controller is, and has, silenced my voice about these pedos in Santa Fe… Cannot attack the so called quasi 2nd RINO’s or far left DNCs that keep pushing this stuff… Hope your family is doing well…its been a long time since Florida Street coffee shop was open… b safe.

    1. Yes, yes it is… with far reaching consequences for every gun owner in this State… and as long as the conversation is absolutely controlled by removing content that upsets or calls out the pedos in Santa Fe by the sites administrator…your voice is invalidated and removed from the fight to uphold our rights. As John did to me this morning… I have been censored yet again for calling a person and putting them in the place where they need to be. Remember don’t irritate the admin…

    1. In otherwords, you have now entered the phase of… Take me off your list and do not expect me to donate anything to your… for lack of a better term… woke cause?

      1. You get it right? When you censor free speech and dismiss valid arguments and points to counter the anti gun crowd by calling out their opinions… you stiffen the opposition permanently… and you did it again this morning to me.

        1. When you control absolutely the platform voice that you created because words and truths may hurt more than hiding behind trees because you cannot see the forest… your wrong.

          1. 38 years in law enforcement and peace officer work, my opinions are valid and if I call a person ignorant or woke, I’m not distorting the facts… but you are by refusing to permit the content to be published.

    1. Careful there, your entering into the censored by John area… you almost called them woke pedo’s… John can censor you faster than me… Killing off the free speech of the opposition is not winning the day John… You killed my comment earlier, this is how I respond to you censoring that comment. Some people need to be attacked on their positions. At times the attacks need to be “Aggressive”.

  5. So, this law essentially eliminates people’s right to defend themselves.
    If/when this bill is signed, it needs to be struck down by the courts.

    1. Yes, yes it does, but do you want to be the first one who has to pay the costs of an attorney to fight for it? I regress, if you say anything that hurts the feelings of the left DNC liberal crowd tho, do not worry…John will censor your comment and banish you into the forever censored cloud in the sky as he did to me this morning…

  6. The wrong approach by F-ING idiots who have wasted taxpayers dollars for far too long!! HOLD NO Cajone`s judges, NO MORALS lawyers accountable , LOCK up criminals and remove the revolving door at the local jail house!! Punks continue to run over the top of the citizens of NM and the piglet squatting in the roundhouse doesn’t care and coddles criminals! My house,my guns -come visit unannounced and you will find my gun is at the ready. I AM well within my rights and the law!

    1. Oh Oh Oh…I forgot to add this… and if all goes well and party line voting continues… We get to PAY THEM rather than they be compensated for travel and lodging this year… Humm… I wonder how much the basic wage will be for a house or senator… Its gotta be better than the minimum wage…How about $80,000?… naw too low…$120,000? That still don’t feel right… $150,000 for a House Rep and say…$180,000 for a Senator. now that’s seems about right. By the time you add in the travel and per diem… we are in the $220,000 to $300,000 range. That’s per person…

  7. Rekindle the spirit… Remove all bulling laws. If an idiot posts something ignorant, let that person defend their position. If its defensible, then let it be defended and argued.

    “Sticks and stones break many bones but names can never harm me”…. that logic is forever gone in todays “Woke” society.

    You can be simply cancelled for taking the argument to the floor and dragging the opposition on it.

    I was censored yet again by the site administrator this morning. That is creating an unworkable relationship between the Pinon Post and me and my family’s stance.

    You, John, do not desire conflict? Words John… words that need to be said. You need to be yelling at Democrat’s in Santa Fe and filibustering all legislation for gun owners… you haven’t.

    Constituents that need to put on the spot for supporting the criminalization of gun owners for simply being gun owners. You fail to see that. I don’t.

    Of course, I don’t live in your district… so I am not voting for you anyways…and that is a great defense for you to use. Your stance this morning, censoring my speech, bordered on RINO philosophy….naw… it actually went over the line.

  8. Also…
    Democratic state Rep. Raymundo Lara of Sunland Park is cosponsoring a New Mexico initiative that gives district attorneys new tools and discretion by making it a crime for armed paramilitary organizations to engage in public patrols capable to causing injury or death with provisions regarding intimidation. The bill includes felony penalties including prison.
    It defines a paramilitary group as three or more individuals with a command structure aimed at publicly functioning as a combat, enforcement or security unit. Banned activities include interfering with government operations and government proceedings…

    The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

    1. Does that include security services such as IPS (International Protective Services) here in Albuquerque? These people provide security for many businesses as well as homes in this area. What the hell are these Woke people thinking of in Santa Fe?

  9. Wow, John Block must have missed banning we with this address. I think ANY gun control laws are good, and guns should be kept locked.

  10. Common sense to lock up fire arms- sorry…
    From the US army:
    Lock-up firearms unloaded and store ammunition separately.
    Consider disassembling firearms as an added measure of security to prevent access.
    Double check that a firearm is unloaded when moving it in or out of storage.
    …there are a few simple ways to help ensure firearms are secured. One of the cheapest and easiest is to obtain a cable lock.

    “A cable lock can be used on most firearms, allows for quick access in an emergency and offers security from theft,” Powers said. “The cable runs through the barrel or action of a firearm to prevent it from being accidentally fired, requiring either a key or combination to unlock it.”

  11. Sorry- lock up your firearms makes sense-
    Militias fall under state authority and regulations implies, well regulation. Love my guns but never have thought 2nd amendment means a free for all.
    Eject the red dawn VHS and take a deep breath.

    1. I do not think you are aware of how dangerous “big” government has become. Yes Jack. Guns are dangerous and should be kept out of the hands of children and criminals. However a lot of us think locking everything up is extreme especially if you are home. Our founders did not write the 2nd Amendment to insure hunting. It was self defense against criminals and a tyrannical government. The older definition of “infringe” means “an impediment’. That means any law that delays you from buying or accessing a gun is unconstitutional. I believe it should be a “free for all”. All the best. Paul.

  12. Lisa J Cordeiro

    This post has become like a fakebook site. I used to like the post for the truthful updates and reassurance that there were Godfearing folks out there like me that believed in the constitution. It is nice to speak our minds and vent a little with likeminded people. I have had comments that were not posted for whatever reason, but I’ll continue to read the updates.

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