Conservatives take over ABQ City Council with Dist. 9 win for Renee Grout

On Tuesday, Albuquerque held runoff elections in Districts 7 and 9. Conservative candidate Renee Grout officially won District 9, defeating leftist Robert Grilley while far-left Democrat Tammy Fiebelkorn won in District 7, defeating conservative Lori Robertson, with all precincts reporting. 

Fiebelkorn garnered 62% of the vote over Robertson’s 38% while Grout came out with 52% of the vote over Grilley’s 48%. 

The flipping of District 9 makes it official that conservatives have flipped Albuquerque’s City Council — a referendum on socialist Democrat Mayor Tim Keller, who recently won reelection due to two candidates splitting the moderate and right-leaning votes among them on the November 2 election.

With the electoral win of conservatives Tim Lewis over leftist Cynthia Borrego in District 5 and Louie Sanchez’s win over leftist Lan Sena, the council will now be a 5-4 conservative majority. Although Sanchez is a registered Democrat, he is a conservative.

On Facebook following the news of Grout’s win, she wrote, “Thank you District 9 for your support. I am humbled by this opportunity to represent you and move Albuquerque forward. I’m so excited about what the future holds for our beautiful city.”

New Mexicans cheered Grout’s win while applauding Robertson for running a spirited race.

One commentator wrote on Twitter,

“CONGRATS TO RENEE GROUT for winning ABQ City Council, District 9. Can’t wait to see what’s next for Lori Robertson. She fought off voters for 5Dems and did a hell of a good job! A huge thanks to ALL of the volunteers!”

Michaela Chavez, a former Bernalillo County Republican Party official wrote on Facebook,“Lori… Robertson you ran an amazing campaign. It was my honor to help you in the capacity that I did. I learned a lot by being on the flip side and not the candidate. I thank you for running and putting yourself out there for all of Albuquerque. Renee Grout congratulations on your win. We have gained tonight.”


2 thoughts on “Conservatives take over ABQ City Council with Dist. 9 win for Renee Grout”

  1. Conservative voices of ABQ keep up the good work

    Sad that Robertson did not win. Happy to hear there is a majority of conservative voices on the council. Fiebelkorn should not have won, she just looks crazy. District 7 is full of leftist morons. Hope Fiebelkorn fails, and District 7 learns a lesson.

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