Keller’s new ‘equity consultant’ says military is ‘home of White supremacy’

Albuquerque is undergoing a significant “culture change” in its government, with critical race theory playing a central role, aided by a far-left equity consultant.

After being elected in 2017, Albuquerque Democrat Mayor Tim Keller vowed to reform the government with “antiracist” principles. “From Day One of our administration, we knew that inequity was growing and that we would have to change the culture,” Keller said. “When has learning and growing ever been comfortable?”

In March 2018, Keller established the Office of Equity and Inclusion (OEI) to realize his vision of racial equity. The OEI introduced trainings on critical race theory, which made some employees uncomfortable, according to the office’s director in a 2021 report.

Among the equity consultants hired was Zamil Salhab from RACED Consulting, who holds far-left views, including the belief that the U.S. military is the “home of White supremacy.” Salhab is described on the RACED Consulting website as a “genderqueer first-generation American and Post 9-11 veteran.”

Salhab shared his experiences in June 2020, stating, “Being first generation and being black, being queer. And then to go into what I believe is the home of White supremacy and patriarchy, the military. Little did I realize like what damage… I was doing to myself and what I’d have to go through in order to deconstruct myself after getting out of the service,” Salhab said. “Because society not only teaches that Black bodies are less than… And so and then to be a woman. So to deal with those different intersectionalities of the White supremacy construct, it was, you know, for a period of time I thought I was nuts, I thought I was crazy.”

The city confirmed that “The Office of Equity and Inclusion contracted with RACED Consulting LLC.”

RACED Consulting specializes in topics such as “white fragility” and “De-Centering Whiteness,” according to its website. The firm aims to explore the impact of white fragility on building racially inclusive practices.

Despite the extensive CRT training for lower-level employees, the 2021 city report noted the absence of department directors and city leadership from these sessions. The report emphasized the need for a comprehensive investment in the Culture Change Initiative at all levels of government.

Michelle Melendez, the director of OEI, acknowledged some resistance to Keller’s racial agenda. “We also see a small but vocal resistance to addressing racism,” she said. “Systemic racism is one of the root causes of some of our most serious challenges, and addressing it within municipal government will make our city better for the long-term. That’s culture change.”

The report also highlighted an increased understanding and openness to discussions about anti-racism and social justice.

As part of the cultural shift, each department received a DEI staffer to conduct “equity assessments.” These liaisons underwent over 10 months of training to prepare for their roles. The report noted the challenges of shifting institutional culture but acknowledged progress made by those who completed the training.

Various departments, including animal welfare, environmental health, transit, and the police department, developed their own “racial equity action plans” to assess their practices, policies, expenditures, and resource distribution.

Before Keller’s election in 2017, employees were “reluctant to talk openly about race, racism,” according to OEI Director Melendez. The Culture Change Initiative has been pivotal in building the city’s capacity to work towards equitable outcomes.

Both RACED Consulting and the City of Albuquerque did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

All three of NM’s congressional reps. want illegals to vote in U.S. elections

House Republicans and several Democrats approved a bill on Wednesday to expand proof-of-citizenship requirements for federal elections and impose voter roll purges on states. The Safeguard American Voter Eligibility (SAVE) Act passed with a 221-198 vote, with five Democrats supporting it. 

Despite this, New Mexico’s Democrat Reps. Gabe Vasquez, Melanie Stansbury, and Teresa Leger Fernandez opposed the bill, showing a clear divide even within the Democrat Party. The vote shows the trio’s support for allowing illegal aliens to vote in U.S. elections.

The legislation is unlikely to progress in the Senate due to strong Democratic resistance. President Biden has also promised to veto it. Critics argue that the bill’s core idea—making noncitizen voting illegal—is redundant and more likely to disenfranchise U.S. citizens than prevent illegal voting.

Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) insisted on the House floor that the bill is necessary because noncitizens have participated in U.S. elections, despite existing laws against it. Johnson stated, “Even though it’s already illegal, this is happening.” He further emphasized the need for the legislation to prevent noncitizen voting and to make it unlawful within states.

The far-left “Brennan Center for Justice” cataloged 30 suspected cases of noncitizen voting out of 23.5 million. The notion that noncitizens are voting and that Democrats are importing undocumented immigrants for electoral gains is central to the bill’s purpose.

The Heritage Foundation found illegal alien voting in abundance, including 11,000 illegals previously registered on Virginia’s voter rolls. 

Rep. Chip Roy (R-Texas), who introduced the bill, argued that progressive Democrats use open border policies and attack election integrity laws to transform America. Roy’s stance is that Democrats aim to leverage undocumented immigrants to maintain one-party rule.

“This is a matter of national security and election integrity, and Gabe Vasquez is willing to compromise both just to avoid contradicting Biden’s open border. NM-02 deserves better than someone who would sell out their votes like that,” wrote National Republican Congresional Committee Spokeswoman Delanie Bomar following the vote. 

“The only reason New Mexico’s Democratic representatives would oppose states requiring proof of citizenship to vote is because they want illegal immigrants to vote in our elections,” said Republican Party of New Mexico Spokeswoman Ash Soular. “They stood by while Joe Biden let 10 million illegal immigrants into our country and now, they’re going to stand by while our national security, election integrity and democracy are threatened. Only American citizens should be allowed to vote in U.S. elections. The SAVE Act is a common-sense and crucial step to restoring confidence in our voting system.”

ACLU, leftists pressure MLG to call off her imminent special session

A coalition of far-left advocacy organizations and behavioral health providers is urging Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham to cancel a special legislative session set to commence in less than two weeks. This coalition, comprising progressive-leaning groups that generally support the governor’s policies, expressed their concerns in a letter sent on Tuesday.

The letter implores the governor to “halt” the special session and instead “engage further with community experts” on her plans to address mental health and public safety issues in New Mexico, suggesting that these topics be tackled during the regular 60-day session next year.

“With less than two weeks to go before session is slated to begin and an obvious lack of consensus between lawmakers on the (continually shifting) legislative proposals, there is simply no way to achieve the solutions New Mexicans deserve,” the letter asserts. “Moreover, a special session that will conclude in a matter of days with little to no opportunities for community feedback is not conducive to passing true and lasting safety solutions.”

The coalition includes the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of New Mexico, the Center for Civic Policy, Common Cause New Mexico, Equality New Mexico, and the New Mexico Conference of Churches. The governor’s office has not yet responded to requests for comment, while the ACLU writes that “the governor’s rushed legislative proposals will not improve public safety.”

The coalition’s letter outlines three primary concerns. Firstly, they oppose legislation that would broaden the definitions of “harm to self” and “harm to others,” making it easier to “force someone into a locked mental health facility.” The letter argues that this approach fails to address the “underlying issue of critical shortages in voluntary care” and could violate constitutional rights, cause trauma, and increase distrust in New Mexico’s care systems.

Secondly, the coalition raises issues with a competency bill that would expand involuntary civil commitment. The proposal would mandate the detention of individuals who are not competent but also not dangerous and require legal proceedings to initiate their civil commitment. “Legislation that mandates detention and the initiation of involuntary commitment proceedings for certain individuals with mental illness in the criminal courts strips prosecutors and judges of their ability to make discretionary, case-by-case assessments regarding an individual’s freedom,” the letter states, suggesting this could lead to unjust outcomes.

Lastly, the coalition opposes a roadway safety bill that would prohibit loitering on highway medians with certain conditions. They argue that this legislation would unfairly penalize vagrants without addressing broader issues like pedestrian safety or the need for affordable housing and supportive services. “Legislation that will saddle [vagrants] with unpayable fines and jail time does nothing to meaningfully address pedestrian safety or solve our dearth of affordable housing and wrap-around services,” the letter contends.

“The state must urgently re-invest in communities, expanding access to voluntary treatment and affordable housing to tackle the root causes of these issues. The governor’s proposals – which are based on punishment and coercion – will only worsen the very issues she aims to fix,” wrote the ACLU in a fundraising email announcing its opposition to the governor’s imminent special session. 

The coalition emphasizes their respect for the governor and acknowledges the importance of the ongoing conversation about mental health and public safety. “We are grateful to you for accelerating this critical dialogue, but real solutions deserve more time than we have. They also deserve more robust dialogue and partnership with community organizations like ours,” the letter concludes, urging more thoughtful and inclusive policymaking.

Heinrich panned by all sides for ‘chikens**t’ statement on Biden

In the most confusing statement imaginable, New Mexico’s far-left Democrat Sen. Martin Heinrich released a statement on the status of Joe Biden’s cognitive abilities following the elderly Democrat’s disastrous debate performance against 45th President Donald Trump on CNN.

Heinrich, who has long been a Biden apologist, wrote, “I love Joe Biden. He’s the most accomplished President of my lifetime and he’s a genuinely wonderful human being.”

He added a caveat, noting, “However, what I care most about is the preservation of our democracy. President Biden needs to continue to demonstrate that his debate performance was just a bad night, and that he has a clear path to defeating Donald Trump. Our democracy hangs in the balance.”

The carefully worded statement that said much of nothing gives Heinrich an out if the political tides turn and he has to shift to calling for Biden’s replacement, as many Democrats, including U.S. Sen. Pattie Murray of Washington, suggest in their carefully worded statements. 

Following the non-statement after almost two weeks of dodging, the Republican Party of New Mexico’s Chairman, Steve Pearce, wrote, “Senator Heinrich’s vague statement reveals the havoc that has descended upon the Democratic Party. Heinrich’s previous blind loyalty to Biden and his special interest groups now makes it difficult for him to answer honestly about the President’s mental and physical ability to lead the country.”

The Republican official added, “New Mexicans deserve leadership with the courage to say it like it is and put the best interests of our state and nation first.”

The senator’s statement was widely panned in the comment section of his X post, with leftists and conservatives all commenting that either Biden needs to drop out or that Biden will lose to Trump. Some have even gone so far as to call the statement “chickens**t.”

Heinrich faces a fierce challenge from Republican Nella Domenici, whose father, Pete Domenici, served the state in the U.S. Senate for 36 years. Recent polls show Domenici within the margin of error, trailing the Democrat by a mere two points. 

Gabe Vasquez continues to run from the press over Biden support

Extremely vulnerable first-term Democrat Rep. Gabe Vasquez continues to flee the press over whether he believes Joe Biden should leave the presidential ticket following what all sides call a disastrous CNN debate. 

Last weekend, Vasquez’s team tried to skirt the question to the Santa Fe New Mexican when asked if he stills supports Biden.

When pressed by Fox News, Vasquez, who is attempting to distance himself from Biden, said he “can make his own decisions about his own campaign,” refusing to endorse him.

Now, when Vasquez’s spokesperson was pressed on if “he believes Biden should stay in the race or step aside” or about “anything he’s hearing from constituents,” the spokesperson reportedly gave “no comment.”

The interaction was also reported by Politico, which wrote, “A spokesperson for battleground House Ag Democrat Gabe Vasquez (D-N.M.) said ‘no comment’ when MA asked if Biden should stay in the race and what Vasquez is hearing from his constituents about the matter.”

The National Republican Congressional Committee’s (NRCC) spokeswoman, Delanie Bomar, wrote following the Democrat’s uncertainty on his support for Biden, “It is unacceptable that Vasquez is trying to run a basement campaign. He must make his position clear, and he must do it today.”

Other vulnerable Democrats, such as Rep. Angie Craig of Minnesota, have taken concrete stances on Biden, saying, “Given what I saw and heard from the President during last week’s debate in Atlanta, coupled with the lack of a forceful response from the President himself following that debate, I do not believe that the President can effectively campaign and win against Donald Trump.”

“President Biden needs to show that he is fit to lead the free world and demonstrate his fighting spirit,” said vulnerable Democrat Rep. Don Davis of North Carolina. “If he’s going to stay in, he needs to step up.”

“Another vulnerable House Ag Democrat, Marie Gluesenkamp Pérez (D-Wash.), told local media outlet KATU last week she believes Trump will win the election in November after Biden’s debate performance,” Politico further reported.

While battleground district Democrats appear to be taking a stance against Biden, Vasquez, who is a close ally of Biden, has refused to say whether he should stay in the presidential race. 

A recent leaked Democrat poll shows a shift from Biden winning New Mexico prior to the debate to Biden now losing New Mexico to Trump by 0.5 percent. Even far-left Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham has cast doubt on whether Biden will win the Land of Enchantment if he remains in the running. 

RFK, Jr. campaign praises Maggie Toulouse Oliver as he makes NM ballot

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s independent presidential campaign has officially secured a spot on the New Mexico ballot, as announced on Saturday. The campaign collected 11,202 signatures, significantly surpassing the state requirement of 3,561, which is half a percent of the votes cast in the last gubernatorial election. Secretary of State Maggie Toulouse-Oliver certified Kennedy’s eligibility for the vote, as confirmed by his campaign.

“We appreciate Secretary Oliver’s efficiency in certifying the Kennedy-Shanahan ticket in New Mexico,” stated Paul Rossi, senior counsel for the Kennedy campaign. “It is refreshing for a secretary of state to avoid the partisan interference of election officials in Nevada and North Carolina.”

This follows recent challenges faced by Kennedy’s campaign in other states. In North Carolina, the Electoral College voted to exclude Kennedy and fellow independent candidate Cornel West from the ballot. Similarly, in Nevada, Kennedy’s petitions were invalidated due to the omission of his running mate’s name, prompting a lawsuit and the resubmission of revised petitions.

Earlier this week, Secretary of State Toulouse-Oliver’s office reviewed petitions from several independent candidates. Alongside Kennedy, Chase Oliver, the national Libertarian Party nominee, was also confirmed for the presidential race in New Mexico. However, petitions from Cornel West and Shiva Ayyadurai were rejected.

Kennedy, son of former New York Senator and 1968 presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy and nephew of former President John F. Kennedy, is running as an independent candidate. According to FiveThirtyEight’s polling average, he is currently polling at nearly 10% nationally.

Kennedy’s campaign reports that he is now on the ballot in 10 states: California, Colorado, Delaware, Hawaii, Michigan, Minnesota, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Utah, and New Mexico. The campaign has filed signatures in 12 additional states and claims to have collected enough in five more.

45th President Donald Trump wrote on Truth Social in April that Kennedy is “far more LIBERAL than anyone running as a Democrat, including West and Stein,” referencing third-party candidates Cornel West and Jill Stein (Green Party). Kennedy chose a far-left attorney as his vice-presidential running mate.

Leftist NM columnist says NM Dems must call for Biden’s ouster

In a striking op-ed, Milan Simonich, a leftist columnist for the Santa Fe New Mexican, has called for Joe Biden to be replaced as the Democrat nominee for the 2024 presidential election. Simonich’s argument is rooted in a belief that Biden’s declining performance threatens to undermine the Democratic Party’s chances in closely contested races.

Simonich points to Biden’s recent debate performance against 45th President Donald Trump as particularly damaging, stating, “Biden no longer inspires confidence. Instead, he is on track to depress turnout, making Trump more formidable.” 

He writes that Biden’s presence at the top of the ticket could be detrimental, especially in swing districts, potentially tipping the scales in favor of Republican candidates like Yvette Herrell in New Mexico’s 2nd Congressional District.

Herrell, a former Republican congresswoman, is seeking to return to Congress after a reportedly narrow loss to Democrat Gabe Vasquez in 2022. Simonich notes that “Biden’s presence at the top of the ticket might be enough to tip their rematch to Herrell.” 

The column also underscores the potential impact on other Democrat candidates, including Sen. Martin Heinrich. Facing a challenge from Republican Nella Domenici, Heinrich’s campaign could be adversely affected by Biden’s declining popularity. Simonich warns that “Heinrich’s campaign for a third term becomes harder with Biden heading the Democratic ticket.”

Simonich calls on New Mexico’s Democratic delegation to take a stand, criticizing their lack of action, commenting, “New Mexico’s delegation has exhibited no such courage or candor.” He argues that prominent Democrats must urge Biden to withdraw from the race for the good of the Democrat Party and the country. “For its own self-interest and the good of the country, the New Mexico delegation should tell Biden to withdraw from the election,” he writes.

Highlighting the broader implications, Simonich asserts that “Biden’s ego would be bruised by a Democratic uprising, but the alternative is much worse.” He claims that nominating a supposedly stronger candidate at the Democratic National Convention could reinvigorate the party and improve its chances of success in the general election.

Milan Simonich’s call for Biden’s replacement reflects growing concerns within the Democrat Party about his ability to lead them to victory in 2024. His far-left column emphasizes what he sees as the urgency of decisive action to secure a stronger future for Democrats, advocating for a new nominee who can galvanize the electorate and counter the Republican challenge effectively. According to leaked Democrat polls, the only formidable known candidate to go up against Trump in November would be former First Lady Michelle Obama, who is not interested in the position. 

Die-hard Biden supporter MLG casts doubt on Biden’s electability: Report

During a Wednesday call with 20 Democrat governors, Joe Biden claimed that “he underwent a medical checkup after last week’s debate and is fine, according to three people with knowledge of the discussion,” per a Politico report.

However, the appointment was “a short checkup by a White House physician in the days following the debate due to lingering symptoms from his cold. The exam, that person added, was brief and did not include any major tests.”

The disastrous debate left Biden increasingly vulnerable, as Republican 45th President Donald Trump is now leading in many swing states, including New Mexico and Virginia, per leaked Democrat internal polling. 

Politico noted that even Biden’s staunchest allies, such as New Mexico Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham, are beginning to cast doubt on Biden’s electability, even in New Mexico.

“Two Democratic governors — Michelle Lujan Grisham of New Mexico and Janet Mills of Maine — expressed concern to Biden over whether he could still win their blue-leaning states, describing them as competitive, two of the people with knowledge of the discussion said. In 2020, Biden won New Mexico by 11 percentage points and Maine by 9 points,” the report noted.

Lujan Grisham is a campaign surrogate for Biden, vowing she will “do everything I can” to stop Trump in 2024. 

The concern from the far-left Democrat governor appears to show that the dam is breaking, even with Joe Biden’s staunchest supporters. 

Leaked Democrat post-debate poll shows Trump leading in NM

A new leaked Democrat poll conducted after Joe Biden’s disastrous debate performance shows Democrats are losing in many traditionally Democrat-leaning states, including New Mexico.

“A confidential polling memo circulating among anxious Democrats is confirming some of their worst fears: President Joe Biden’s support has started to tumble in key electoral battlegrounds in the wake of his disastrous debate performance in Atlanta, and Biden’s diminished standing is now putting previously noncompetitive states like New Hampshire, Virginia, and New Mexico in play for Donald Trump,” wrote Puck News.

“What’s more, Biden has taken such a reputational hit that he is polling behind other alternative Democratic candidates—including Kamala Harris and Gretchen Whitmer—in hypothetical one-on-one matchups against Trump.”

The results show Biden falling behind by 0.5 percent in New Mexico to Trump, 0.6 percent in Virginia, and three percent in New Hampshire, showing blood in the water. 

The news comes right after an internal Republican poll from U.S. Senate candidate Nella Domenici and the NRSC showed Biden leading Trump in New Mexico by two points. 

The leaked Democrat poll showed Biden’s New Mexico lead dropped by 2.4 percent, a stark contrast from 2024, where Biden reportedly won the Land of Enchantment by 11 points. 

New Mexico Democrat U.S. Rep. Gabe Vasquez has refused to comment on Biden’s disastrous debate performance, showing increased hope for Trump and Republicans, as Vasquez’s Second Congressional District is in play. 

When pressed by Fox News, Vasquez, who is attempting to distance himself from Biden, said he “can make his own decisions about his own campaign,” refusing to endorse him.

New pre-debate poll is great news for NM Republicans

A new internal poll from Republican U.S. Senate candidate Nella Domenici’s campaign shows New Mexico is very much in play in November, with Republicans barely trailing Democrats. The poll, which was taken before Joe Biden’s disastrous debate performance, is great news for Republicans, who have not won a statewide New Mexico race in a decade.

The poll, reported by the National Journal, shows Domenici’s 42.2% barely trailing Heinrich’s 45.5% by 3.3%, while 9.7% remain undecided. 

“In the presidential race, Joe Biden led Donald Trump in a theoretical head-to-head election in New Mexico, 49%-47%,” wrote the National Journal’s Zac Weisz.

Weisz noted that “this poll was taken before the debate (June 19-24). The poll includes 600 likely voters, and the margin of error was +/-4.0%” 

A previous poll showed Domenici trailing Heinrich by single digits, validating that New Mexico is very much in play in 2024, with Democrats having a steep climb in the Land of Enchantment to cling to power. 

Following the presidential debate, an “eye-popping” poll from CBS News/YouGov revealed that only 27% of respondents believed that Biden “possesses the necessary mental strength needed for the grueling duties of the commander-in-chief, marking a drop in the finding from just over two weeks ago (35% ‘does,’ to 65% ‘does not’),” as reported by the New York Post.

Democrats across the board have widely condemned Biden’s performance during the debate, with many, including the leftist New York Times, calling for his replacement on the ticket. The Biden White House has pushed back on the reports, affirming that the 81-year-old Democrat will remain on the Democrat Party’s presidential ticket in November.

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