Biden’s ‘trans’ HHS official visits ABQ to promote ‘environmental justice,’ abortion

Apparently, the Joe Biden administration’s top priorities are “environmental justice” and “equity,” with his Assistant Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS), Dr. “Rachel” Levine making a stop in New Mexico to talk about those priorities with local leaders, including far-left Democrat Mayor of Albuquerque, Tim Keller. Levine, a biological man who identifies as a “transgender woman” oversees the “Office of Climate Change and Health Equity.”

Levine, while speaking to a group at Wilson Middle School, appeared to blame the recent fires in New Mexico on fires (not forest mismanagement and controlled burns during high winds). 

Levine said, “We kept thinking of these health impacts as an existential crisis, which somehow implies that it’s something in the future. But as you are seeing this right now – we are seeing the impacts of climate change right now. And you’re seeing it right now in New Mexico, and in Albuquerque, with the heat emergencies that you’re talking about, with the fires and the smoke.”

“Heat is a problem in the middle of New York City, in Seattle, Washington, and in Albuquerque. … What are the commonalities? What are the differences? What did they all learn? And how can we serve to pollinate … those ideas across the country, ” Levine said in an interview with the Albuquerque Journal.

On Twitter, Keller posted, “It was a pleasure to have Admiral Rachel Levine of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services visit our city. As we keep witnessing the impacts of climate change on public health, it is vital that we strong federal partners who can support in us in navigating these issues.”

In a tweet by Levine, the Biden official wrote, “A very eye-opening visit today to Wilson Middle School to learn about how their garden tries to reduce the heat island effect and improve air quality in one of Albuquerque’s most densely populated neighborhoods.

Local relief is key to climate response and #environmentaljustice.”

Also while visiting New Mexico, Levine talked about abortion with KOB4, telling the television channel, “It is absolutely critical for New Mexico to continue to allow the full range of reproductive health services that women need, including abortion services.”Levine added regarding Roe. v. Wade likely being overturned, “If the decision follows the outline of the draft, then it’s going to severely impact women’s reproductive health rights and the ability to receive the full range of services in many states,” Levine said. “To be able to provide those services for women in New Mexico, and for many other states, they need to look to expand those services. We’ll work to support them.”

It is unclear the purpose of the trip other than to promote Biden’s radical pro-abortion agenda, but the cost of the trip is sure to have fallen on the American taxpayers.

12 thoughts on “Biden’s ‘trans’ HHS official visits ABQ to promote ‘environmental justice,’ abortion”

  1. Fight climate change by putting out these New Mexico fires! How much carbon is being released by our forests burning away.

    1. Climate change? The climate has been changing, every day, as well as seasonally for a an untold number of years. Climate change is natural, and determined by much greater entities and authority than mere humans.

      We are all made of carbon. When they say limit carbon, they mean limit all life made by God. “Silicon valley” is to replace what is natural, and destroy the rest.

      We need the trees so we can breathe, and they need us… What we do not need are mentally ill in-human entities committing violence and destroying the world.

  2. A man in drag who graduated from medical school and who thinks he’s a woman is lecturing New Mexicans on “women’s reproductive rights” and climate change.
    Dr. Levine’s time would be better spent reading Biology 101 and Forest Management 101.

      1. There are no reproductive rights idiot. You are just making stuff up and showing everyone how stupid you are.

        There are only our God given rights and men are part of producing a child so yes, they can and should have a say. It is not too late for you to abort yourself.

  3. What part of the Democrats “environmental justice” does burning New Mexicans’ land and property and destroying their livehoods fall under?
    The “controlled burn” is in fact more of a “scorched earth” policy. Start a fire, let it continue for months and blame it on “Climate Change”.
    Don’t forget the governor’s all in on the Biden’s 30 x 30 land grab.

  4. Every time I see Dr. “Rachel” Levine the words of a friend of mine ring in my head. “Will you look at the state of that.” Enough said…

  5. Go home and stay with Demon FJB

    Keller is scum, and he is worthless. Bidens evil demons need to stay in Washington. New Mexico has had enough of out of state freaks coming here to ruin our state. We were once a very religious state. A message to catholics you cannot be a catholic and vote democrap. You are condoning evil.

  6. Cat you are a moron. We have no constitutional rights, only God given rights guaranteed by our Constitution.
    Second, if you are not Catholic she is not talking to you.
    She is absolutely right, you can not vote for demonic, mentally ill entities and take communion and be a Catholic.

    You are a perfect example as to why NM remains last.
    Anyone who runs for office or holds office as a public servant must uphold their oath and is not allowed to an opinion,or an agenda outside their limited delegated authority, so a sack of potatoes could do a better job than these morons.

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