Ben Ray Luján’s campaign is literally begging for donations

On Thursday, Democrat Rep. Ben Ray Luján (NM-03) sent out a campaign fundraising email with the title “BEGGING you,” which proceeded to ask for campaign cash in the form of $10 donations. 

The email, which is signed by Luján’s apparent campaign manager, Travis Brimm, uses the hook that the contribution will help “OUST [Mitch] McConnell’s Senate.” 

The campaign email, which sounds more like a hostage email, reads, “But I’ve lost a lot of sleep over this lately. Because this crisis has had a massive financial impact on our campaign. Honestly, if I can’t fill the gap before midnight — I’ll be forced to make some incredibly tough budget decisions.”

“I’ll beg if I have to. Please, I’m only 429 gifts short. Could you rush a lasting $10?”

The email is the latest pitch sent by Luján using the most desperate means to accomplish its purpose. Before, Lujan has used the deadly coronavirus pandemic to fundraise, invoked former Democrat President Obama, and even exploited senior citizens by claiming their Social Security benefits are at risk of being revoked. 


7 thoughts on “Ben Ray Luján’s campaign is literally begging for donations”

  1. The Dems are acting like tin-pot dictators during the virus and deserve to go down in flames. Lujan is destroying our economy!

  2. Make tough financial decisions?!? Like the ones the real people are having to make every day!!! You really have lost your perspective. Please…just leave.

  3. I don’t see Benny losing any weight due to the harsh circumstances he faces. Perfect example of the people suffering while he lives fat off the benray….errrr hog.

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