All three of NM’s congressional reps. want illegals to vote in U.S. elections

House Republicans and several Democrats approved a bill on Wednesday to expand proof-of-citizenship requirements for federal elections and impose voter roll purges on states. The Safeguard American Voter Eligibility (SAVE) Act passed with a 221-198 vote, with five Democrats supporting it. 

Despite this, New Mexico’s Democrat Reps. Gabe Vasquez, Melanie Stansbury, and Teresa Leger Fernandez opposed the bill, showing a clear divide even within the Democrat Party. The vote shows the trio’s support for allowing illegal aliens to vote in U.S. elections.

The legislation is unlikely to progress in the Senate due to strong Democratic resistance. President Biden has also promised to veto it. Critics argue that the bill’s core idea—making noncitizen voting illegal—is redundant and more likely to disenfranchise U.S. citizens than prevent illegal voting.

Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) insisted on the House floor that the bill is necessary because noncitizens have participated in U.S. elections, despite existing laws against it. Johnson stated, “Even though it’s already illegal, this is happening.” He further emphasized the need for the legislation to prevent noncitizen voting and to make it unlawful within states.

The far-left “Brennan Center for Justice” cataloged 30 suspected cases of noncitizen voting out of 23.5 million. The notion that noncitizens are voting and that Democrats are importing undocumented immigrants for electoral gains is central to the bill’s purpose.

The Heritage Foundation found illegal alien voting in abundance, including 11,000 illegals previously registered on Virginia’s voter rolls. 

Rep. Chip Roy (R-Texas), who introduced the bill, argued that progressive Democrats use open border policies and attack election integrity laws to transform America. Roy’s stance is that Democrats aim to leverage undocumented immigrants to maintain one-party rule.

“This is a matter of national security and election integrity, and Gabe Vasquez is willing to compromise both just to avoid contradicting Biden’s open border. NM-02 deserves better than someone who would sell out their votes like that,” wrote National Republican Congresional Committee Spokeswoman Delanie Bomar following the vote. 

“The only reason New Mexico’s Democratic representatives would oppose states requiring proof of citizenship to vote is because they want illegal immigrants to vote in our elections,” said Republican Party of New Mexico Spokeswoman Ash Soular. “They stood by while Joe Biden let 10 million illegal immigrants into our country and now, they’re going to stand by while our national security, election integrity and democracy are threatened. Only American citizens should be allowed to vote in U.S. elections. The SAVE Act is a common-sense and crucial step to restoring confidence in our voting system.”


29 thoughts on “All three of NM’s congressional reps. want illegals to vote in U.S. elections”

  1. The arrogance, pride and joy on the faces of these politicos is rather disgusting as we fully understand they are destroying this state and country.

    Anyone who votes for these vile people is just as guilty of the failures of NM and the United States of America!

    If we wait one day to make a difference and do better, then we give these fools more ground to burn down and flood. (take that as you wish, it means many things.) Speak up, speak out and speak louder to these evil Representatives.

    1. Mario, you spoke the truth so well. And they are ungodly and evil (might as well throw in corrupt)! What do you expect when they are comrades to MLG who should be impeached. Maybe if conservatives get control of the round house, then we can impeach the evil queen and take out her comrades.

  2. IT’S ILLEGAL PERIOD!!There is a law saying it’s ILLEGAL! What do they not understand!! I say have, or they SHOULD have police at every voting area and arrest them on the spot!! Although this would never happen. Such a disgrace to our nation, to our state and as for the 3 idiots, the destruction of NM and MLG and Heinrich is on their hands. NM, make it too big to rig!!!!!

  3. This is a violation of constitutional law! All 3 should be arrested for treason against the constitution of the United States!

  4. If they were truly working hard for the best interest for the people and State they represent then they could easily get elected by legal citizens, but since we all know they are only there for whatever gain they can get for themselves, they need illegals to keep them in office. Sad days, that our government, local, state or DC is all about “what can I do for me” and not what is best for legal citizens.

  5. It isn’t for no reason that millions of new Democrats (government grifters) are being paid to come to the US from wherever around the world they can find them.

  6. That is the only way they win, heck that’s how Vasquez and Torres-Small beat Yvette Yvette Herrell in her two defeats. This is also the only way the dementia riddled DNC POTUS candidate will win

  7. They look like wolves in sheep clothing. Let’s put a bounty on these wolves and vote them out…VOTE THEM OUT.

  8. Richard Whiteside

    With the right Administration, folks like these will be held mightily accountable for their brazen ignorance as well as their traitoristic actions.

  9. Of course they want illegals to vote, they are communists and are following orders from their real masters who run all aspects of government, news and “ entertainment “ ! As I’ve said before they don’t care what we think, chicanery and fraud by the true rulers will sustain them in power. We are simply Charlie Brown kicking the football—again.

  10. I have not heard them say they want illegals to vote but pretty much if they do not vote for the bill you have to ask why? I know Gabe is a POS and a liar, he wore a mask as a protester but as a politician if you believe in something why hide your face? Heck I do not believe the bill goes far enough. Mike no Jonson needs to push the bill to the senate and tell the senate that the government will be closed (no spending) in sept if this bill and add a few more bills like closing the border to all illegals before any funding happens in Sept. I would definitely defund any gov institution that is pushing to perform lawfare against Trump. Yes the republicans need to grow eggs or we vote them out.

    1. Leger-Fernandez & Stansbury don’t rate any better. Both past employees of Epstein/Maxwell. Stansbury still doing shady deals for Maxwell

  11. FED UP w/the Jack🫏s!

    If an American prisoner cannot vote, how can illegals? MLG is not even making them get vaccinated! Even our cattle and livestock can’t cross state lines without going through livestock inspectors. And we Americans are counseled to go get every vaccine of crap in our bodies.

    They have not earned: Voting rights, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps, free healthcare, and they birth babies here in the U.S. (? no abortion promoted then??).

    It used to be anyone from another country had to study the U.S.Constitution and test out to become legal citizen. I’m sure if we went to another country we would have to earn our way there. Perhaps they should be sent to fight in the wars to defend America before they are given anymore freebies.

  12. This should be a litmus test for representative office at any level, ONLY US Citizens are allowed to vote in any election. Dump the Dems until they get that message loud and clear!

  13. “The vote shows the trio’s support for allowing illegal aliens to vote in U.S. elections.”

    These people are a disgrace to NM and to our nation.

    Vote them out in November!

  14. The democrats claim there is no replacement theory but does allowing illegals to vote a replacement of legal citizens votes. What liars they are.

  15. Leger-Fernandez touts herself as ” hija del norte”, (daughter of the north); a more accurate description is “patroness of illegals and criminals”.
    Unfortunately, her stance on this, and all other matters, does not make it into mainstream media, so folks in northern NM do not know how far left she is.
    Republican party of NM help get the word out!

  16. Critical to Think

    Remember when MLG and the legislators passed HB4 promoting automatic voter registration with or without consent at MVD’s. They have their agenda and most NM did not care or sign referendum , now that is a way to commit voter fraud in the Land of Enchantment.

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