All the woke brands you didn’t know are partnering with Dylan Mulvaney

Ole Henriksen

The Danish skin care manufacturer named after its creator is partnering with Dylan Mulvaney.


4 thoughts on “All the woke brands you didn’t know are partnering with Dylan Mulvaney”

  1. So many woke brands out there. I try to do my homework but woke is taking over everything. they are pushing all this crap on our innocent children to with many products and advertisements.

  2. You know, I wouldn’t even care if they were making an ad JUST to support LGBTQ. My problem is they are trying to replace biological women, erase our existence, and what our bodies are made to do. That is my problem with this entire movement. I don’t care how other people want to identify or live; live and let live. But when you try to push your agenda on me and erase my existence and erase my daughter’s existence, we have a problem. That coupled with the fact that Dylan Mulvaney runs around acting like a dumb, screeching, flailing 10 year old girl, and thinks he’s representing what women are pisses me off. Women have fought for a long time to overcome stereotypes, and he does nothing but promote those stereotypes. And what does he get for it? Multi million dollar deals from woke corporations. Unbelievable. These corporations don’t care about real women. Soon enough, they are going to figure out that biological women are pissed off and we’ve had enough. They undervalue us and we make up half the population of this country. Women need to take a stand and hit them where it hurts. That has nothing to do with the LGBTQ community. They aren’t the ones being erased. They are the ones trying to erase. Enough is enough.

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