ALERT: NM House Committee holding last-minute hearing on legislative maps TODAY at 3pm

After ramming through H.B. 8, a far-left New Mexico state House map, in the New Mexico House Government and Indian Affairs Committee on Wednesday, the Democrats in the House have announced that they will hold a last-minute hearing on the maps at 3:00 p.m, just a little over an hour after the news was broken on the House floor.

Testimony is urgently requested against these maps, which are a rendition of the far-left dark money George Soros-funded group, Center for Civic Policy’s maps.

Background on the maps, as we previously reported:

The Center for Civic Policy (CCP), a dark money group funded heavily by out-of-state billionaire financier George Soros, who destabilized the British Pound at the Bank of England, and millionaire Rob McKay, whose foundation had its non-profit status revoked in 2018, is trying to partisanly gerrymander the map to favor one side. 

The CCP’s state legislative map (Concept G) does much of the same, achieving an extreme partisan gerrymander while also erasing rural representation. It would chop communities like Clovis into thirds while not taking into account the needs of energy-producing, farming, ranching, and other communities that are the backbone of the state’s economy. The map also takes into account at least 8 Native American-majority districts to ensure fair representation. The CCP’s map does not have this many Tribal districts.

Members of the public are urgently requested to call into the meeting to voice opposition, although it is unclear if the Democrat-led commission will even allow public comment. The committee announcement on the bill can be found here.

The Zoom details are below:

Or One tap mobile: +13462487799
Or Telephone Dial: +1 346 248 7799
Webinar ID: 841 0738 5314


RepresentativeGail Chasey18DChair
RepresentativeMicaela Lara Cadena33DVice Chair
RepresentativeEliseo Lee Alcon6DMember
RepresentativeZachary J. Cook56RMember
RepresentativeBrian Egolf47DMember
RepresentativeDaymon Ely23DMember
RepresentativeGeorgene Louis26DMember
RepresentativeMatthew McQueen50DMember
RepresentativeGreg Nibert59RMember
RepresentativeWilliam “Bill” R. Rehm31RMember
RepresentativeJames G. Townsend54RMember

Talking points:

Use the far-left Democrats’ words against them. This is what we previously reported regarding New Mexico Citizens Redistricting Committee members’ comments on redrawing maps. Members Curtis and Rhatigan broke their word. Will NM House members?

Board Member Curtis said, “It seems like a radical change to any of the districts — since we’re not an elected body — … the public would have to say ‘we want a radical change.’” Member Curtis said, “there would have to be overwhelming support for a radical change from the current districts” and “We are imposing something on people if we’re doing radical change without the public jumping up and saying ‘this is what we want.’” 

Board Member Rhatigan added, “…unless there’s overwhelming public consensus to change the general composition of our three congressional districts, I’m inclined to draw districts that we have one [representative] in Albuquerque and we have one northern district and a southern district.”

This map has clear gerrymandering, with strange, snake-like districts that are shameless partisan redrawing for political gain:

3 thoughts on “ALERT: NM House Committee holding last-minute hearing on legislative maps TODAY at 3pm”

  1. Stop the tyranny in NM

    We are stuck in an evil government. They will do what they want. Egolf the Demon is part of this, NM is screwed. Soros, has been called the devil and has been thrown out of other countries. He has no place in NM, the evil democraps let the devil in the front door. People need to rise up, yet it does not sound good for NM.

  2. How can this be acceptable? I am so tired of the mindless voters here. Most of these people have not been all over NM. Once out of ABQ and Santa Fe, the rest of the state is different, and deserves there own representative. I so sick of Democrats and their BS.

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