ACLU claims Texas is ‘dangerous,’ issues travel warning for New Mexicans

The ACLU has issued a panicked travel advisory for New Mexicans traveling to Texas, painting the state’s new laws directed at stemming illegal immigration as a dire threat to civil and constitutional rights. 

This move by the ACLU chapters from New Mexico to Arizona and even San Diego and Imperial Counties in California, has been seen by some as an exaggerated attempt to stir up concern and spread fear over measures that are yet to take effect until 2024.

The advisory warns of “the threat of civil and constitutional rights violations” for those traveling in Texas, suggesting a landscape fraught with danger merely for crossing state lines. It claims that the laws signed by Governor Greg Abbott, part of Texas’ Operation Lone Star, are a continuation of what it calls “extremist anti-immigrant actions,” including the use of “dangerous concertina wire and a deadly buoy barrier” along the border to stop the flow of illegal border crossers.

The ACLU erroneously claims that a new texas law, S.B. 4, “authorizes untrained police officers to engage in immigration enforcement,” creating a so-called “unconstitutional process” where individuals might be detained for merely being suspected of unauthorized entry into Texas. 

The ACLU goes as far as to say that individuals could face up to 20 years in prison under these new measures, a claim that has been criticized as fear mongering by those who view the laws as necessary steps toward securing the border and upholding the law.

Moreover, the advisory melodramatically states that “this law, when implemented, poses a risk to any person while in Texas,” implying that anyone, regardless of their reason for being in the state, could be ensnared by these laws. 

The advisory also touches on the issue of “human smuggling,” with the ACLU decrying the new laws for imposing “extreme mandatory minimums” that are “far out of proportion relative to the alleged crime involved.” It warns of a “risk for people while in Texas,” especially those traveling with illegal immigrants, further contributing to the portrayal of Texas as a state to be approached with extreme caution.

While the ACLU advises travelers on how to reduce their risk and assert their rights when stopped by law enforcement, the overarching tone of the advisory attempts to fan the flames of a false narrative to push for open borders in the United States. 


27 thoughts on “ACLU claims Texas is ‘dangerous,’ issues travel warning for New Mexicans”

  1. Oh wow – good to hear from the ACLU, I didn’t know they were still around. Figured they say something about the cockamamie J6 event and the resulting political prisoners. Maybe rampant government/big tech censorship.

    Nope, must have been busy,

    1. Lack of opportunities in New Mexico has been a pretty good deterrent so far. It keeps them moving on through the state instead of staying here.

      1. Marcello T Hinojosa

        I agree. There is nothing for them here in Las Cruces and the sounding towns. As far as Texas being dangerous we’ll the wife will make the 20 minute drive to El Paso for lunch on Saturday 🙂

  2. Good to know the ACLU opinion…but I think I’ll wait for the SPLC’s position before I make any decisions on how dangerous Texas may be.

    1. The Southern Poverty Legal Center has even less credibility than the ACLU…. I hope your comment was tongue in cheek.

  3. ACLU, Do NOT tell me, an American, where I can and cannot go within MY country! Every area is unsafe at this point due to a lack of legal interventions of illegal activity.

    To the ACLU: As a New Mexican, you can kindly leave and not come back. You are also welcome to pack up all the illegal aliens and take them where ever you land.

  4. Sounds like a good reason as any to go to Texas and get a steak dinner, or maybe some bbq.

    During the coof, the wife and I would go to Texas just so we could see people with faces.

  5. Feeble minds think alike.

    There’s a bunch who think just like this in Santa Fe too… and she sits on the queens throne tolite seat in the Governors mansion to participate in degrading the ozone with every visit…

    Its 20-25% cheaper in Texas to buy groceries right now… its gonna be 50 cents a gallon cheaper for gas in Texas about in another 6 months too.

    You can still gift a gun to a friend you’ve known and hunted with for 30 years in Texas too… without… you know… waiting 7 days and getting a background check done… on your decades long friend…. cause in New Mexico…everyone needs a “cooling off” period when buying, selling, trading, or gifting a gun.

    It don’t matter if you already own 17 guns and 12,000 rounds of live ammunition for the past 40 years either… You are mandated by LAW to wait that 7 days now in New Mexico.

    Feeble minds think alike…

  6. Well screw the ACLU, who gives a crap what they say. I live in NM but shop in TX. There prices are lower and when NM adds a 1/2 dollar more for “cleaner gas” I will still buy in TX. Maybe one day New Mexicans will pull their heads out of their butts, they will vote out the same marxists that they have voted for in the last 20 years than have only put NM in the toilet. We are always in the bottom 3 of almost every measurable statistic in the nation. I wonder why????

  7. Nancy Tannenbaum

    I read what the ACLU and groups like them have said about the “danger” of “racial profiling” in Texas to encourage fear and hatred of Texas and Texans in NM. As a sixth-generation native Texan living in NM to be near my daughter and her family, I have occasionally heard that same ignorance and resentment which baffled me when I first came here but now realize that a climate of ignorance and herd-instinct brainwashing is rampant here as it is in all blue states. Frankly, irresponsible “advice” like the slander promoted by the ACLU and the rest of their ilk will encourage it in the minds of fools and could put a target on the backs of Texans driving cars with Texas license plates as many Texans live in NM part-time for employment, family, etc.. As for “racial profiling,” the Hispanic population in Texas is HUGE, so unless you are actively and blatantly breaking the law, you have nothing to worry about, exactly like anyone else no matter what race they are. I am sick and tired of seeing Texas slammed for defending its borders against illegal invasion. I could write books illustrating what illegal invaders have done to my home state FOR DECADES.

  8. The ACLU is a fear mongering race baiting organization that picks only Marxist subjects to aid and abet. Where are they when the commie in the capital tramples on our constitutional rights like the second amendment? Having relatives that moved to Texas, they find it a much better place to live and work than this mini California communist hellhole that has been created by insane marxists currently in power.

  9. Thanks for the tip, ACLU! Now maybe all the crazy liberals will stay out of Texas and let the conservative values reign. Kudos to Governor Abbott for all he is doing to keep his state safe for its citizens, as it should be.

  10. I feel much safer in Texas then I do in my home town of Albuquerque. ACLU should open an office in downtown ABQ. We will see how long it takes before one of their people is mugged or shot.

  11. If one is a fetus, New Mexico is not only dangerous for you, it is life threatening. But ACLU doesn’t care about the unborn at any stage.

  12. Well, the ACLU is and always has been an anti-American Marxist gaggle of miscreants and radicals who want to destroy our country! Why wouldn’t they support the invasion of our country? 🙄

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