ABQ taxpayers now forced to fund Planned Parenthood abortion business

At the Albuquerque City Council’s Monday meeting, councilors voted 6-3 to add $250,000 to the City’s budget to fund the Planned Parenthood of New Mexico abortion business, according to a press release from the Council.

The measure was proposed by newly elected City Councilor Tammy Fiebelkorn, a far-leftist who was endorsed by many pro-abortion politicians, including Albuquerque Mayor Tim Keller.

According to a release after the meeting, Fiebelkorn claimed pro-lifers are “extremists” who are “attacking” the right to kill one’s baby through abortion.

Ironically, Fiebelkorn claimed the $250,000 in taxpayer money is “vital.” She wrote, “I’m proud to have sponsored this amendment to provide vital support for Planned Parenthood.”

“Anti-women extremists have used aggression and intimidation towards Planned Parenthood clinics, staff, and patients resulting in increased costs, delays in treatment, and additional counseling and education needs,” Fiebelkorn claimed. “These funds support our local Planned Parenthood clinic to ensure that all Albuquerque women have access to family planning, abortion, and other reproductive health services.” 

The City’s final budget passed 7-2, with Councilors Dan Lewis and Renee Grout voting against it. 

The amendment to give money to Planned Parenthood passed with the support of two Republican city councilors: Brook Bassan of District 4 and Trudy Jones of District 8.

Following the news, the pro-life Society of St. Sebastian wrote, “Sadly, the City Council of Albuquerque, NM has given $250K to Planned Parenthood of New Mexico. This is a misuse of public funds since funds are meant to build the community, not destroy humanity.”

Paul Gessing of the Rio Grande Foundation commented about the vote on Twitter, “No matter your position on abortion, Albuquerque taxpayers shouldn’t be forced to fund Planned Parenthood. Sad (and certainly questionable from anti-donation perspective) that a majority on Council voted for this new subsidy.”

3 thoughts on “ABQ taxpayers now forced to fund Planned Parenthood abortion business”

  1. NO…NO…NO…this is improper use of taxpayer money. If PP needs cash then they need to raise it not rely on the taxpayers.

  2. I wrote this counselor and told her I do not want to be a party to murder of babies and she will answer to God for every baby murdered due to her proposal.

    Here is her response:

    As the sponsor of the budget amendment to provide financial support to Planned Parenthood, I’m very proud that the City has reaffirmed our respect for women and dedication to keeping reproductive healthcare available to all the women of Albuquerque.

    I should point out to you that I am an atheist, so your religious scare tactics don’t really have an impact on me.

    Have a great day,

    Tammy Fiebelkorn
    District 7 City Councilor

  3. Liberal’s form of “justice”:
    A California jury ruled against pro-life activist David Daleiden and his organization, The Center for Medical Progress (CMP), forcing Daleiden and CMP to pay $870,000 in punitive damages to Planned Parenthood after exposing the abortion giant’s illegal sales of aborted baby parts nationwide.

    We are deeply in the days like Isaiah 5:20-21. “Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil” – how did that go for the nation of Israel at that time?

    ABQ & Santa Fe liberal/progressives cant stand the real identity of New Mexicans as God loving and life preserving – they identify with all that makes California worth moving away from. Voting with my pen before having to vote with my feet.

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