14,000+ Texas babies killed in NM last year: Report

In 2023, approximately 70% of the estimated 21,000 abortions performed in New Mexico were on patients who traveled from Texas to kill their unborn babies, according to a study by the Guttmacher Institute, a pro-abortion research organization. 

This means that about 14,200 Texas babies were killed in the womb in New Mexico, marking a tragic influx since the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade. Texas law protects life in the womb unless the life or health of the mother is at risk.

The increase in abortions in New Mexico has been dramatic, with a more than 260% rise since 2020. Many attribute this rise to Texas’ pro-life laws. Additionally, around 400 patients traveled from Oklahoma and Arizona for abortions.

The percentage of out-of-state abortion “patients” in New Mexico surged from 38% in 2020 to 71% in 2023, the highest proportion in the country. This influx demonstrates the extreme lengths to which individuals will go to kill the babies in their wombs, a stark reality that highlights the tragic loss of unborn lives.

Each month, about 1,610 abortions are performed in New Mexico, with the number exceeding 2,000 in March 2023 alone. Nationally, the New York Times reported that 171,000 patients traveled out of their home states for abortions in 2023, indicating a widespread movement driven by restrictive state laws.

Isaac Maddow-Zimet of the Guttmacher Institute commented on the extensive travel for abortion services, stating it shows “just how far people will travel to obtain the [abortions] they want and deserve.” However, from a pro-life perspective, this highlights the urgent need for stronger protective measures for unborn children across the United States.

The study’s estimates are based on monthly surveys from abortionists near state borders and statewide data collection, reflecting a comprehensive overview of interstate abortion trends.

For more detailed information, the full report is available on the Guttmacher Institute’s website.


17 thoughts on “14,000+ Texas babies killed in NM last year: Report”

  1. The only comment I can leave is this disgusting Governor and all her Minions have blood on their hands. “ My body my choice “ mantra is a poor excuse for bad choices. The slogan is not one of empowerment for women it only means death for the unborn.

    1. Have fun at the expense of innocent infants, have they ever held a small child and fell the warmth the love and life and innocence within that little defenseless body ?

  2. Sin has consequences.
    New Mexico!, if you continue to vote in vile, evil politicos, then this state will never prosper!

    We can point fingers all day long, but we cannot ignore evil! Your vote matters. If you want better for New Mexico, you cannot vote in politicians that want to kill babies; and the children who are born, the same politicians to not respect their life, or futures as they deny education and future jobs to strive to achieve.

    Do Better NM!
    Rev. Rico

    1. All. of the women who decided to murder their babies in the womb and the so called leaders of NM need prayer. We need to pray for the unborn babies and for those involved that facilitate this evil act to seek Jesus for salvation, ask for forgiveness and REPENT from their evil ways.
      And yes we all need to vote out this evil in the roundhouse.

      1. Have fun at the expense of innocent infants, have they ever held a small child and felt the warmth the love and life and innocence within that little defenseless body ? Of course there are medical situations that come into this.

  3. Where are the Catholic Bishops? MLG is a baptized Catholic along with a number of new Mexico State legislators. Mayor Keller is a baptized Catholic. Archbishop Wester is silent. Maybe the Archbishop will write a paragraph in the diocese newspaper, which no one will read. The Bishops of the U.S. are successors of the Apostles and most of them are mute.

    1. Just because they leaders of the Catholic Church does not mean they are not sinners. The problem with the world is that the “church” has been silent. My church, Legacy church of Albuquerque has not been silent on the evils of this state and our country. And I am grateful for my pastor who is not afraid to speak the truth!

      1. Let us not lift up men. There are also piles of homeless outside of your church on a daily basis… I’ve never met your pastor out on the corner of Coors and Central once, ever.

    2. Bob, Leaders of every Christian denominations ALL need to speak up and out against abortion.
      Let us not stop there, the people of GOD must speak up and out as well. Not only that, but they need to never partake in abortions.

      Some feel that there are good reasons. I say if God gave that baby life, it must live! God’s Grace is Sufficient!

      Rev. Rico

  4. No “choice” for the unborn child. We must flood the streets with protestors at these clinics. Where are the men to do this? It’s mostly old women and very few men visibly standing up and protesting and praying at these death camps. In Albuquerque, there are at least 4 “clinics” where babies are murdered, not to mention hospitals or doctor offices, or the abortion pill ordered online. Call or message AbortionFreeNM.com to find out how you can help.

  5. Someone get and publish the names of the doctors and clinics where these murders take place. Also, help TX find these people who travel so they can be prosecuted. The law does not seem to apply to liberals anymore. Just MAGA and President Trump. Until we get as nasty and violent as the left, we will keep losing.

  6. TX should sue the state of NM. Murder is murder even is you are in a womb. Heck folks have been put it prison for double homicides when they shot and killed a pregnant woman. Yes, pregnant men do not exist no matter how woke you are. I do not think God should forgive any one that voted for a catholic that voted or signed to murder the unborn. (which includes Biden).

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