‘Undoo’ products hit the NM market to counter effects of marijuana

New reports indicate that the New Mexico distributor of the product “Undoo” is selling the new trio of supplements aimed at counteracting the effects of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) that come from smoking or consuming marijuana.

Assurance Laboratories, which sells the product under its operations and legacy operator Pecos Valley Production, says the product is expected to grow in distribution.

Tim George, the COO of Assurance Laboratories, told the Albuquerque Journal the products “include olive oil, the organic compound olivetol and vitamin E — the latter of which acts as a preservative for the trio of products that come in gel capsule form.” 

The company sells its “relief” product, which is marketed as a “cannabis companion” for when the drug is “too strong,” its “refresh” product, listed as a “daily after-cannabis ritual” for when there is “lingering fogginess,” and a “reset” product called the “high tolerance solution” for “lowering your tolerance to THC.” 

Since marijuana became legal in New Mexico in April 2022, New Mexico has seen over $300 million in sales, with $2.82 million in pot sales alone on this year’s “420” holiday that praises pot consumption.

It is unclear if the Undoo products will affect the sales of marijuana in New Mexico, either to go higher or lower, due to the purported effects of the compounds.


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  1. I wonder if this is like drinking tons of coffee after large amounts of booze consumption. That does not work. Only time works here. Know the end results before hand.

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