Tornado caught on video in eastern NM Friday, ‘extreme’ hail, flooding spotted

Severe storms, including supercells, continue to hit eastern New Mexico with massive rain, hail, and tornadoes. Recent footage was captured Friday of the tornado that hit ground in Encino.


Other videos show large hail raining down in Encino: 

Large hail was photographed following the storms: 

Parts of New Mexico have also been hit with massive hail, including Moriarty and Edgewood, which saw “extreme” hail falling down in the last few days: 

Flooding was also seen in places such as Tucumcari, which got eight inches of rain in 12 hours — almost half of its annual rainfall in the short amount of time.


1 thought on “Tornado caught on video in eastern NM Friday, ‘extreme’ hail, flooding spotted”

  1. Great! I take a couple week road trip and “All Hail” may have taken place at home in my absence. Nothing can be done now, just expect broken windows and water damage upon return. Strange radio signals emitting from the NM state controlled Space Port and now severe weather hitting some of the most conservative areas of the state? Conspiracy?

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