Students, staff holding Thursday protest against NMSU’s jab mandate

On Thursday, the New Mexico Freedoms Alliance (NMFA) is holding a protest to New Mexico State University’s (NMSU) jab mandate on-campus, which is forces all students and staff to get the jab by December 8. The Thursday protest comes after NMSU Students and Staff Against the Mandate has written an Open Letter to the NMSU Administration that asks the University to reconsider the enforcement of the mandate.

“The Administration of NMSU is actively disrupting the educational process by means of threats and intimidation to staff, faculty, and students with the enforcement of this health mandate. Furthermore, NMSU Administration is using intimidation and discrimination to coerce employees and students to accept an experimental treatment which has not undergone long-term safety testing and for which the clinical trials are ongoing until 2023.”

“If we are going to be forced to choose between an experimental vaccine and our jobs and/or education, we demand that our concerns be heard.

“NMSU has an ethical obligation to acknowledge the fact that:

  1. Use of these vaccines does not stop people from contracting the COVID-19 Virus.
  2. Use of these vaccines does not prevent the fully vaccinated from spreading the COVID-19 Virus.
  3. Many in our NMSU community who oppose this mandate have experienced previous COVID-19 infection, and now carry robust natural immunity which provides the same, if not more powerful, protection against COVID-19 than a vaccination would.
  4. The use of these emergency vaccinations has led to a great number of adverse reactions. Where there is a risk, there must be a choice.
    “Is NMSU prepared to take full financial responsibility for any adverse reactions experienced by staff, faculty, and students that may potentially come from the enforcement of this mandate?

“In addition, we want it to be clear that while many of us have made an informed choice not to receive the vaccine, there are also many among our ranks who have individually chosen to receive the vaccine but firmly stand against this mandate. A health directive or mandate is not law, and should not be treated as such. We, the vaxxed and unvaxxed, are in agreement that the enforcement of this mandate is unlawful and violates our civil liberties.

“In closing, we come together from all fields and positions within the NMSU family asking you to reconsider your enforcement of this mandate in favor of personal freedom and bodily autonomy. At the very least, we are asking for reasonable accommodations that do not further strip us of our freedoms and dignity. Please don’t make us choose between an education or a job we love and our personal health and bodily autonomy.”

Details about the Thursday protest:

What: Demonstration Against NMSU Vaccine Mandate
When: Thursday November 18th from 11am-1pm
Where: Sun Dial on the NMSU Horseshoe, Main Campus


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