New Mexico beats all other states in Whopper sales

While New Mexicans love their green chile cheeseburgers, they also apparently love Burger King’s signature sandwich.

“New Mexico ordered more Whopper sandwiches than any other state in 2022,” announced the fast food restaurant in its “Flame-Grilled ‘State’ of Mind” report. The Land of Enchantment has been labeled “The Champ.” 

The report also disclosed what states like on the BK menu, with states like North Carolina ordering the most Double Whopper sandwiches last year and Montana buying the most Triple Whopper sandwiches in 2022.

The news comes right before National Hamburger Day is held on May 28. 

Prudence Earl via Unsplash.

Arizona bought the most Whoppers before 10:30 am, being dubbed “The Early Bird,” while Kansas “loves that late-night grub, ordering the most Whopper sandwiches after 8 p.m,” earning the state the title of “The Late Night Adventurer.” 

Alaska “orders a side of Chicken Fries with their Whopper sandwiches more than any other state,” and Texas “spices it up by adding more BBQ sauce and jalapeños to their Whopper sandwiches than anyone else,” earning the title of “The Sweetest & Spiciest.”

“For all those seeking the perfect combination to go with their Whopper sandwich, watch out – New Mexico (Whopper, U.S.A.) knows where it’s at when it comes to fries, but Hawaii (more than any other state) orders their Whopper sandwiches with onion rings,” writes Business Wire.

See the company’s full Whopper map here

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3 thoughts on “New Mexico beats all other states in Whopper sales”

  1. I didn’t even think of BK.
    I thought it was about the boxes of malted milk chocolate Whoppers, which would be even less newsworthy than Burger King

  2. WE’RE #1, WE’RE#1, WE’RE#1! Oh yeah! Think about it……NM Rulz……….
    We love those Whoppers!

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