Wrecking New Mexico’s economy means never having to say you’re sorry

New Mexicans were subjected to another COVID-19 “update” from their governor Thursday, and predictably, Michelle Lujan Grisham provided no relief from her lockdown lunacy.

Expanded welfare? Lujan Grisham had that covered.

Just go to www.nmeced.org, the governor beamed, an click the “Am I Eligible?” button. After all, “We really are all in this together.” So why shouldn’t taxpayers be made to provide daycare for parents with incomes as much as 200 percent above the poverty line?

That’s a bitter question for the businesses going under — or thinking of shuttering operations — in a state where COVID-19’s lethality, outside of tribal areas, has had a very light touch.

In Las Cruces, “Zeebs eatery, located out front of Mayfield High School,” may soon join what the New Mexico Restaurant Associationestimates is “at least 200 restaurants and diners [that] have been forced to close down.”

In Albuquerque, the owners of Silva Lanes is “hanging on by their finger nails,” since the bowling alley was ordered closed for six months, and is now allowed to reopen “for league play only.”

Santa Fe’s Todos Santos Chocolates and Confections, after suffering from sales that declined “80 percent three months in a row,”will go out of business in a few weeks. “Almost on any given day I love almost anything here,” cooed regular customer Ali McGraw. (Hmm. Wonder who her pick for governor was in 2018….)

But MLG doesn’t care about any of that messy economic-ruin stuff. She’s focused on getting Joe Biden into the White House. Tagging along for her “update” was Maggie Toulouse Oliver, the privacy-gutting partisanwho’s in charge of ensuring fair and secure elections in the Land of Enchantment. (Seriously.) She insisted that the 2020 general election would be conducted pretty much as usual — and that its’s “perfectly normal” for results to be unavailable on Election Night.


What the secretary of state didn’t mention is that since hundreds of thousands of New Mexicans have “requested” absentee ballots— a development she’s delighted with, of course — election officials will be dealing with a potentially unmanageable motherlode of mailed-in votes. Think that’s a good thing for ensuring an accurate count?

As writer Daniel McCarthy explained, “Democrats want to maximize the amount of voting by mail throughout the country. This promises to be the trigger of an even worse voting-process breakdown than the one that occurred in 2000: it increases the risk of lost ballots, dubiously ‘found’ ballots and spoiled or improperly completed ballots whose validity will be subject to interpretation — like the infamous ‘hanging chads.’

Whether it’s standing pat with the incumbent president or expressing extreme displeasure with a lockdown that was never needed, MLG and her fellow Democratic pols don’t want allvotes counted — they want the “right” votes to be counted.

Here’s a vote, of sorts, that you can be completely confident will be recorded: Visit www.impeachmlg.com, print your “ballot,” and mail it to KIVA.

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