We’re kind of being rooked here

KIVA has some awfully smart listeners.

“Rook” isn’t in common usage today, but the verb — “to defraud by cheating or swindling” — was aptly used by a caller to the station, describing how Michelle Lujan Grisham has “managed” 2020’s “crisis” in “public health.”

The governor has again modified her lengthy list of coronavirus commandments, this time allowing plebeians “visits to pumpkin patches,” overnighters in state parks (no more than 10 in a group), and swims in pools (no more than 10 at a time). For the most part, the months-long lockdown will remain in place.

And that’s the way MLG likes it.

Evidently, no amount of data will convince our tiny tyrant that wrecking New Mexico’s economy has done nothing to stop the inevitable spread of a virus that has killed precisely 0.03986972709744 percent of the state’s population.

Compare the Land of Enchantment to two similar states, and MLG’s thuggery becomes even more egregious.

Utah, Nebraska, and New Mexico each have large land areas and not a lot of residents — making for quite low population densities. But the governors of the Beehive State and the Cornhusker State understand statistics and are neither power-crazed nor eager to drive the incumbent president from office. They pursued a very light touch with their COVID-19 controls.

In the fact-free world of MLG, the disgraceful David Scrase, and their ilk, Utah and Nebraska are stacking bodies mighty high. Reality check: They’re not. Per 100,00 residents, the former has experienced 13.8 COVID-19 fatalities. The latter, 22.6.

New Mexico: A whopping 39.6.

Even accounting for the concentration of deaths on tribal lands in the northwest portion of the state, New Mexico’s performance has been unimpressive. That’s right — MLG destroyed the state’s economy, for essentially … nothing.

Utah (4.5 percent) and Nebraska (4.8 percent) have the best unemployment rates in the nation. Meanwhile, New Mexico’s jobless rate stands at a jaw-dropping 12.7 percent. (That’s bottom-feeding with the likes of Illinois, New Jersey, and California). And with oil-and-gas extraction down and the hospitality industry here in a governor-induced coma, the prospects for a quick turnaround don’t look good.

The fears so many of us had in March have been confirmed. MLG never knew what she was doing. Imagining herself a healthcare “leader” and “visionary,” she took an admittedly challenging situation, and made it worse. Measurably, irrefutably worse.

The remedy for her incompetence and selfishness?


2 thoughts on “We’re kind of being rooked here”

  1. What about South Dakota? Gov Noem has respect for the people and never treated them like idiot children and scolded them and told them to stop breathing, working and playing.

    Their rates of this bogus “virus” which has still not been proven thru Koch’s postulates, as well as deaths, are much lower. What kind of virus is so deadly you need a test to find out if you have it? The pcr test is also not for diagnostic use and is bogus as well.

    The people of New Mexico enjoy their servitude and love their evil master. This obviously includes Steve Pearce who can not do anything except stamp his little feet and declare its unfair. They know its a hoax and continue to say nothing. Guess they have been promised a seat at the table.

    Maybe they should all read history again. Traitors are the first to be killed in a revolution.

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