Vandals target conservative radio station in suspected politically motivated attack

At 4:22 a.m on a snowy Sunday morning, two male vandals drove up the Sandia Crest, the highest point in Albuquerque at approximately 10,000 feet to target KIVA “Rock of Talk” radio station’s transmitter tower. 

The vandals, who were driving a dark truck, passed all the other television and radio stations to reach the KIVA transmitter at the very end of the crest. They pulled out tools from the back of the vehicle. According to KIVA, “The men appear to know the property and know exactly what to do to break in.” They then proceed to break locks, damage camera systems, steal equipment, and damage property. By the morning, the vandalism was apparent. 

Eddy Aragon, the owner and radio show host on the station, said during a Facebook live video, a “Courtney” from KRQE 13 contacted him to do a story on the vandalism, however “literally five minutes before” the scheduled interview with her, the reporter had a staff meeting where they told her “No, we don’t want you to do that story.” A text exchange between the reporter and Aragon confirms this:

Aragon then revealed that the photos he obtained of the vandals came from KRQE, which raises questions as to why they do not want to report on the vandalism. Currently, Aragon is creating a police report on the break-in, in hopes that there will be an investigation outside of the one he has begun with a private investigator.

Aragon’s signature “Rock of Talk” show airs each weekday on KIVA 1600 AM or 93.7 FM starting at 4:00 p.m. They can listen to the show on and readers can keep up to date with the station by subscribing to Eddy Aragon is a contributor to the Piñon Post.

More photographs of the vandalism are below, along with the video surveillance released by KIVA:

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  1. Will there be a full investigation as there would be if a leftist communist broadcasting system got vandalized? I doubt it very much. KRQE is as much of the problem as the rest of the liberal leftist/communist media.

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