‘Socialist’ candidate tells conservative candidate to shove a cactus ‘into any orifice of your choice’

On Thursday, a self-proclaimed “25-year-old socialist” Albuquerque Public School (APS) Board candidate, Nicholas Bevins, completely lost it when another candidate, conservative Patrick Brenner, who is running for Rio Rancho School Board, shared a survey from Opportunity for All New Mexico Kids (OAK NM) asking school board candidates from major areas to complete the questionnaire. 

According to its website, “OAK NM is the statewide advocacy organization in New Mexico focused solely on building grassroots support and advocating for education choice for families and students. OAKNM’s mission is to ensure that children in New Mexico have access to an education that will help them thrive.”

After Brenner shared the link, Bevins angrily wrote, “Heads up to all candidates Patrick disgracefully just shared this link with.” Bevins erroneously claimed, “The survey is sponsored by a far right wing local organization who is pushing misinformation about critical race theory, among other issues. My personal recommendation is not to legitimize them by filling out this survey.”

The Rio Grande Foundation is a conservative organization that focuses on increasing “liberty and prosperity for all of New Mexico by informing citizens of the importance of individual freedom, limited government, and economic opportunity.” 

After Brenner wrote him back with “Good luck on your campaign, Nicholas,” Bevins lost it, writing, “Patrick Brenner, you’re a Rio Grande Foundation (ultra-right wing) Trump shill. I have no patience for fascist apologists who helped create the landscape for the January 6 insurrection. Drop the niceties, my generation isn’t afraid to publically stand up to your bulls**t. Kindly go insert a cactus into any orifice of your choice.” 

It is unclear what Bevins’ motives are for his unhinged, sexually explicit responses, but it may have something to do with Brenner supporting splitting up the APS Board, which has been rife with corruption for decades. Brenner believes “Albuquerque Public Schools ought to be broken into smaller districts. The monolith of APS has proven ineffective at educating our children.”

Brenner’s take goes in direct opposition to a “socialist” framework of a bigger, more bloated government structure within APS. 

Bevins is running in the Seventh APS Board District after dropping out of the race for Albuquerque mayor. He was previously an at-large delegate for socialist Bernie Sanders’ 2020 presidential campaign. He said,“Bernie’s leadership set my life on a trajectory of civic engagement rooted in the advocacy of human rights and opposition to the corporate oligarchy through democratic socialist ideals.”

Brenner is running in the First Rio Rancho School Board District. He currently serves as the vice president of the Rio Grande Foundation.

7 thoughts on “‘Socialist’ candidate tells conservative candidate to shove a cactus ‘into any orifice of your choice’”

  1. Lazy describes Socialist

    This little boy is only 25. He knows nothing about life. Socialist is another word for lazy people, wanting everything handed to them for free. Older generations are not afraid of you, cry baby socialists. Little boy you have been brainwashed. Bernie is a fool and those that listen to him are fools too. No socialists in New Mexico.

  2. Much like his revered Bernie, this little communist dweeb has probably never held down a more productive job than slinging burgers. Find another hero. One that has done more with his life than feeding at the government teat.

  3. Sounds like Nicholas needs a Snickers….
    Ive personally met Patrick on a few occasions-
    He’s a hard working articulate & intelligent polite individual. I cant vote for him as he is not in my district, but if he was, he would definitely have my vote!

  4. I sent an email to Nicholas and cc’d Brenner. Brenner loved it so much that he reached out to schedule a meet with me. Maybe others will enjoy. Here’s what I wrote:

    “You economically illiterate Nazi brownshirt socialist. Your sick and perverted, twisted and empty heart belongs nowhere near our children, with your Mussolini-style corporate fascism beholden to the ideals of Mao Zedong’s cultural revolution, this is going to end much more differently than you think.

    It has come to the attention of the nation that America’s socialist party has made themselves useful idiots and mouthpieces for the CCP. The recent world symposium hosted by Chinese Communist Party leader Xi Jinping on socialism and Marxism, has proved that your regurgitation of CCP lines has made you an embarrassment and laughingstock to your nation. Sit down before you humiliate yourself any more. We don’t need anymore rage-fit broken boys trying to put on a man-suit and fill that father-shaped hole in your heart.

    Warm regards,

    Alexander S.
    Rio Rancho”

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