School board candidate who exposed CRT sent cease and desist

Over the past week, Rio Rancho school board candidate Patrick Brenner has made headlines for his exposure of the racist Critical Race Theory training for teachers in the Rio Rancho Public Schools, which has just recently been stopped after he took note of it.

The training in the schools consists of a focus on “biases” and racism. Some particularly racist passages contained in the training include sentences like, “Because our culture has shifted from one predominantly designed around White, middle-class systems to one that is much more multi-cultural, we can no longer assume every child will respond to the same strategies.”

Another page of the training says that “implicit racial biases are activated involuntarily, without your being aware of or in control of them. That’s because they live in the subconscious mind.”

“Everyone has implicit racial biases. They are built and shaped unconsciously through our history and cultures, and no belief we have consciously chosen for ourselves. What is important is that we recognize and understand our biases so that we may adjust our behavior accordingly.” 

According to Beth Pendergrass, the District’s communication director, “The training is no longer required of staff as you were aware when you sent this letter.” 

Now, because Brenner has kept up screenshots on his campaign website that he obtained of the training, attorney Trace H. Jackson representing Scenario Learning, LLC (doing business as Vector Solutions) has sent him a cease and desist letter from the Critical Race Theory training company. 

Thanks to H.B. 43 (The Black Education Act) sponsored by allegedly corrupt former Majority Leader Sheryl Williams Stapleton (D-Bernalillo) — which passed both chambers of the Legislature unanimously — Critical Race Theory crept into the schools.

In an email Brenner received from Pendergrass, the communications professional for the District claimed that is how the Critical Race Theory propaganda became present in the Rio Rancho Public Schools.

4 thoughts on “School board candidate who exposed CRT sent cease and desist”

  1. It is his DUTY as an American Citizen to expose the fraud that is taking place in the School System. He is protected by Due Process. A Cease and Desist order holds no authority when the individuals sending it have limited AUTHORITY pursuant their oath to office and the Bill of Rights to our National Constitution. Glad he took a stand. Now refute the Cease and Desist and continue forward my friend; you have God on your side.

    1. People promoting Critical Race Theory (CRT) are often not doing it honestly. First of all, they are trying to promote an agenda, not just offer a compare/contrast form of education. In a legitimate classroom approach, there is much precedence to teach varying views. This mostly happens in senior level high school classes and college, not lower level public school classrooms. In proper traditional modern American format, no one theory gets more promotion than another. It’s just a historical or thematic review in a fairly objective context. This form of CRT, on the other hand, is being offered by zealous adherents who want to change society. It has a sinister mind-altering disposition to it, as well. It is sinister because the people are acting authoritarian with other people’s children and with general members of society. They are going into this issue tunnel-visioned, with the attitude that their way is the only way, and that they are on a superior plane bringing other people up to snuff. That is very arrogant. Their approach is just as authoritarian as any far right religious fundamentalism. The CRT people are dangerous because they are too attached to their subject matter to teach it objectively and honestly. There is a hammering approach to their methodology in which they plow through anything and anyone who disagrees with them; they try to sneak around the mainstream public in various ways. One way I have heard they do this is to have sneak committee meetings which leave out the general public in which they decide to put CRT in the schools. These people demand attention and extra energy and time that could be spent better elsewhere. You have to tone up your dial to respond to them because they are so aggressive and widespread. It is an incredibly dangerous movement. People countering them are not just far right religionists, but fortunately people like these religionists are around to stand up to these people. People are too easy going could let something like this slide. People with defining boundaries in their beliefs are the ones who stand up to CRT, so that does in fact often leave the religionists to do the hard work. It is vital all of us, including church and state separationists like me, also join in with the more conservative groups and help push back these CRT groups.

  2. Stapleton get out of Berco, you are a racist

    Stapleton is a discrace to New Mexico. She is a racist. Any person that forces CRT on our children is also a communist. Keep up the good work Brenner. Thank you for caring about NM children.

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