New Mexicans have lost faith in Michelle Lujan Grisham

My Dear New Mexicans,

When I first felt compelled to write to you, this past Easter Sunday, I failed to mention the one essential which may be the most important if we are to survive our current circumstances.

But now, not even two weeks forward in time, as we still lack any sign of competent leadership from Michelle Lujan Grisham and her useless advisors in our state government, I feel compelled to call attention to this concept. Faith; it may be utterly essential to our survival.

Frankly, it should seem astonishing that a word or concept, essential to explaining the underpinnings of any functional society, could be branded suspect by the arbiters of political correctness. Moreover, it is a word the dominant party of this state is deeply uncomfortable in saying or using.

Let us return to the importance of that word, faith. For any society to survive, its members must have faith that at their core, they share key values that outweigh differences in personalities and more mundane interests. They must have faith that their differences allow each of them to bring unique strengths and abilities into play, which can strengthen society as a whole. And, for the community to flourish, they must have faith that allowing each member to express their abilities is essential. This is the same word that our revolutionaries who laid the foundations of our country held.

Unfortunately, being human, we all have weaknesses. Recognizing this, forming a government becomes necessary to prevent the weaknesses from unraveling the common fabric of society.

But, it is crucial for the health of the society that those empowered with operating the government keep that very faith with the values of the community they are charged to defend.

We New Mexicans continue to face a failure of leadership in Santa Fe. When MLG-D publicly announced her vision for reopening our State, she repeatedly said her criteria were two-fold: development of a vaccine and development of a proven protocol to cure those who contract the disease. This position borders on the irrational. It is also a criterion that takes no faith into account.

Firstly, COVID-19 comes from a family of viruses for which we have had little success in producing effective vaccines. Even if it proves an exception, developing an effective vaccine is probably a year away, at least.

Second, even for the multitude of diseases for which we have established treatment protocols, the best efforts of our medical professionals are routinely confounded by patients’ unique histories and risk factors. In medical jargon, these are called comorbidities. In the case of COVID-19, we know the comorbidities well, so I won’t list them. I will point out that even with an accepted treatment protocol, those individuals who have these conditions will continue to be the ones who will die from getting this virus.

At the national level, leaders are recognizing the time has arrived to take steps toward resuming life. They have faith in their people, in science, and in our resiliency.

In the meantime, it appears MLG-D and her chosen advisors plan to hold us hostage until she is satisfied her impossible faithless criteria are met. She keeps telling us her goal is to save everyone. That is impossible; but as she continues to imagine a perfect solution will arrive, her restrictions are going to destroy everything that is worth saving. In so doing, she is failing to keep any faith with us. She is failing to live up to the faith the citizens of New Mexico placed in her by electing her.

As a result, we have no faith in her ability to lead us.

Eddy Aragon is the afternoon host of “The Rock of Talk” which airs on his radio station in Albuquerque, 93.7 FM/AM 1600 KIVA.  He’s a graduate of the University of New Mexico with degrees in Political Science and Economics. He has been recognized by the Albuquerque Journal as Radio Personality of the Year every year since 2017.  He has appeared on Fox News, CNN and over 40 radio shows throughout the country. Eddy is an 11th Generation New Mexican. He can be reached at:

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3 thoughts on “New Mexicans have lost faith in Michelle Lujan Grisham”

  1. I totally agree, we’ve done the prescribed social distancing, closed down her considered non-essential businesses and people, OUR houses of Worship, which I for one want back. So let’s re-open, and get this state on the road to recovery and prosperity.
    Thanks Eddie, keep up the good fight!

    1. Michelle had to implement draconian measures because the president didn’t have the cojones to do what was necessary. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to observe that the European countries that “shut down totally – taking violators into custody – have all but combatted covid 19 while the USA with 4% of the population boasts 29% of the world wide covid cases. As trump’s neice said he is incapable of successfully addressing this disaster that he has made worse.

  2. My fellow New Mexicans we have to stop this abuse that is coming from the governor’s office. She is not going to reopen New Mexico, her reason is for some fantasy vaccination that she can hand it out like candy at a candy store and we can all hold hands and skipping up and down the street. The reality is New Mexico is in desperate need of all the businesses reopening back up especially the small businesses. We all need to stop make a phone call to our Congressman are Senators so they may do their damn jobs by contacting Attorney General Bill Barr putting forth a lawsuit to include resignation from her and her cabinet and insist the Mayor of your counties reopen immediately. I don’t believe that we need to be treated as children on the playground of life. Furthermore she is anti-gun law look at the stupid red flag law for example. She doesn’t believe the First or Second amendment rights. Just brought the great burden up on this state, get off your duffs and start sending those emails letters and phone calls and show Grisham who really is in charge don’t worry about a little scare tactics it’s like the big bully in school. Just ignore her on our side shields circus that follows her. Gretchen needs to redesign her position as an incompetent governor.

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