How tyranny dies — even in New Mexico

“Rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God.”

The motto embraced by Thomas Jefferson — it was suggested to be included on the Great Seal of the United States — is inspiring.

But when put in action, it’s transformative.

On KIVA yesterday, financial adviser (and West Point alumnus) Greg Zanetti provided a historical overview of how mankind has fallen victim to tyrants, how totalitarian societies are held in control, and how dictators are eventually driven from power.

More and more, it’s a subject New Mexicans can relate to.

Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham has presided over a ridiculously heavy-handed series of regulations that she claims will protect the public from COVID-19. Brave individuals have defied her junk-science commands from the start. But collective action, including resistance from government officials, is growing at an impressive clip:

• In a true grassroots effort, many, many thousands of New Mexicans have printed, signed, and mailed petitions to impeach their state’s chief executive.

• Hundreds gathered at Albuquerque’s Civic Plaza to protest a lockdown that is “crippling our economy and [is] going to end up being worse than the virus could possibly be.”

• The New Mexico Restaurant Association is suing Lujan Grisham, seeking to stop the re-imposition of her ban on dine-in service. (An initial decision by Judge Raymond L. Romero sided with the organization, but the state’s liberal-dominated Supreme Court reversed his ruling. The fight goes on.)

• The Lea County Sheriff’s Office is publicly flouting the governor’s mask rule. In multiple posts on the department’s Facebook account, deputies were shown at restaurants, sans you-know-whats. (“Do not be alarmed when you see LCSO Deputies enter local restaurants. We’re not there to enforce the Governor’s mandate. We’re there to grab a bite and support our local businesses!”)

• A majority of the City of Roswell’s councilors has approved “a directive to the city manager to not enforce the … emergency health order.” As one of the elected officials put it, “Instead of going to the people and asking them how we want to deal with the situation, she has imposed her values on us. The cost of the governor’s orders on the people of Roswell has been high.”

• A letter signed by nearly 20 New Mexico mayors — from Farmington to Jal, Red River Elephant Butte, Clovis to Bloomfield — fired back at Lujan Grisham, for “threatening to remove local elected officials from office” if they dare to defy her. (“[P]olice chiefs, mayors, city councilors, city/county managers and county commissioners alike are committed to ensuring the health and safety of our communities, and that includes protecting the rights of our citizens from punishments not supported by laws and authority.”)

“Being under tyrannical control is actually the historical norm,” Zanetti noted. But he also discussed how tyrants lose their power. When noncompliance reaches a critical mass, freedom wins.

There’s still time for Michelle Lujan Grisham to learn from Zanetti’s wisdom. But not much.

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