Ben Ray Luján uses Rio Grande Foundation’s video without permission — Google takes it down

On Labor Day, Rep. Ben Ray Luján, who is running for U.S. Senate against Republican challenger Mark Ronchetti, a former television meteorologist, shared a video of Ronchetti speaking of his support for the “Right to Work” policy, allowing people who have union jobs to choose whether or nor to take part in the union.

Luján wrote, “Labor Day should be a time to reflect on how to improve working conditions and keep workers safe. Instead — as newly available footage makes clear — @MarkRonchettiNM is throwing his support behind ‘right-to-work’ policies that lower wages and leave New Mexicans vulnerable.”

He then linked to a video of Ronchetti expressing his support for Right to Work. The footage came from a forum held during the Republican primary that was hosted by the non-profit group, the Rio Grande Foundation. 

The Rio Grande Foundation did not give Luján permission to use the group’s video, and so they petitioned Google to have it removed from the platform for violating their copyright. 

The Rio Grande Foundation’s Patrick Brenner told the Piñon Post, “We believe the facts speak for themselves. The Rio Grande Foundation reiterates our nonpartisan stance. We kindly ask that Ben Ray Luján properly credit the work of the Foundation in the future.” 

Luján has not yet commented back about his copyright infringement.

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