Joaquin Roibal, M. Sci.

Roibal: Trump, Ronchetti, Herrell will put New Mexico families first

New Mexico families have the opportunity to elect politicians who advocate for the “kitchen table issues” that New Mexican Families face every day, such as rebuilding a strong economy with economic opportunity for all, a working public and private education system to educate our children to prepare them for the jobs in a post-COVID world, and enforcing law-and-order to ensure safe communities to raise the next generation. 

Our current elected Democrat officials are focused on implementing far-left ideas such as the Green New Deal which would directly hurt New Mexico pocketbooks through the loss of high-paying oil and gas revenue. Education in New Mexico would suffer since, in 2019, 41% of New Mexico state tax revenue was from the oil and gas industry. In a state like New Mexico, which has significant poor and underserved, our priority should be to provide each New Mexican family with a high quality of life.  

2020 is the opportunity for New Mexico families to kick out the career politicians, such as Democrat Rep. Deb Haaland (NM-1), who spent the months leading up to the COVID-19 pandemic jet-setting across the United States as Elizabeth Warren’s presidential campaign co-chair, knocking on doors in Iowa rather than doing her job working for New Mexicans in Washington, D.C. If you believe in strong, conservative representatives in Washington D.C. to advocate on behalf of New Mexico Families, 2020 is the year for New Mexico families to unite in support of Donald Trump, Mark Ronchetti, and Yvette Herrell who will put New Mexico families first. 

President Donald Trump has provided the blueprint of “America First” principles which, before the COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns caused by Democrat governors including Michelle Lujan Grisham, yielded the greatest economy in the history of the United States, including the lowest Hispanic unemployment rate as a direct result of Trump’s “America First” policies. 

Mark Ronchetti and Yvette Herrell both will put “New Mexico First” by protecting New Mexico’s Economy from extremely misguided government regulation, protect our great Law Enforcement, and give New Mexico strong representation in Washington D.C. in replacement of D.C. politicians Xochitl Torres Small and Ben Ray Luján. We cannot allow misguided ideologues to lead us astray from the principles and values which have gotten us this far.

If we elect Ben Ray Luján to the United States Senate, we can expect more of the same from the six-term NM CD-3 representative. Ben Ray will be entrenched in the U.S. Senate until retirement, following the exact same “Democrat playbook” of previous NM CD-3 Rep. Tom Udall, who was elected to U.S. Senate and is now only vacating the seat due to retirement. For far too long we have allowed our elected officials to focus on their careers on the dime of hard-working American families. 2020 is the year that we get our government back to work for the people of New Mexico. 

Joaquin Roibal is an American patriot and conservative activist in Albuquerque, New Mexico who believes in American sovereignty and independence. Mr. Roibal studied Mining Engineering at New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology in Socorro, New Mexico. Follow him on Twitter @JoaquinRoibal.

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Let’s Flip New Mexico Red and Stop the Democrat Machine in 2020!

2020 is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to “clean house” and remove the out-of-touch career politicians who have cost New Mexico so dearly. For far too long, our elected representatives have focused more on their own careers within the “Democrat Machine” than on serving New Mexico families. For Example, NM CD-1 Representative Deb Haaland served as campaign co-chair for Elizabeth Warren’s failed presidential campaign in 2020. Deb spent the months leading up to the COVID-19 pandemic door-knocking in Iowa rather than doing her job and working on behalf of New Mexico families in Washington, D.C.

I am recommending that all patriots do not engage in “party politics” like the Democrats, and instead, evaluate each candidate on their own merits and provide monetary support and volunteer hours directly to the candidates that have the clearest path to victory so we can put some true conservatives in US and NM Government. 

As a lifelong conservative who spent the previous 10 months on the campaign trail attending events, researching candidates, and promoting conservative values, I have a unique understanding of many of the Republican candidates running in 2020. I would like to highlight a few of the true conservative candidates who I believe to have a path to victory with adequate resources, professionalism, and dedication to the art & science of politics. I personally vouch that these candidates are worthy of volunteers, donations, and our votes in November to represent us in Washington, D.C., and Santa Fe, N.M. 

First, let’s start at the top of the ticket with our great president, Donald Trump. It was just announced that Trump has raised $1.1 billion dollars for his re-election campaign. President Trump has spent significant resources on grassroots organizing in New Mexico with the Trump Victory Initiative, who are coordinating volunteers and have knocked on tens of thousands of doors in New Mexico already — and it’s only August. Mr. Trump is dedicated to electing Republicans up and down the ballot.

Among our U.S. congressional nominees, I will start with Michelle Garcia Holmes, because District 1, which covers Albuquerque and Torrance County, as well as parts of Sandoval, Santa Fe, and Valencia counties, is densely populated and the economic / entertainment center of New Mexico. The current representative for NM CD-1, Democrat Deb Haaland, must be held accountable and fired for working as a campaign co-chair on Elizabeth Warren’s presidential campaign. Deb’s inability to perform her job duties is enough to vote Deb out of office, and her recent comments labeling destructive rioters “peaceful protestors” shows that Deb does not have New Mexico’s or the United States’ best interests at heart. As a former police officer and New Mexico Attorney General Chief of Staff, Garcia Holmes has the experience and qualifications to represent New Mexico’s families in “The People’s House.” CD-1 is Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s former seat, so unless we vote out Deb in 2020, we can expect Haaland to follow the “Democrat Playbook” and become our next governor. 

Next is Mark Ronchetti, who is running against current six-term NM CD-3 representative Ben Ray Luján who is Assistant Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, under Speaker Nancy Pelosi. In another shining example of the “Democrat Playbook” at work in New Mexico, CD-3 has laid the foundation of many Democrat political careers, including Bill Richardson (former New Mexico governor) and Tom Udall, who retired from NM CD-3 to run for U.S. Senate, where he has sat since 2008 and is only giving up his seat due to retirement. 

Ben is attempting the same “play” in moving from NM CD-3, after a comfortable career of no real Republican challengers, and if Ben Ray Luján is elected in 2020 to U.S. Senate, we can expect another 40 years of an entrenched, out-of-touch career politician who takes his orders from the Democrat Party leadership rather than listening to the people of New Mexico. In only seven months, Mark has caught up to speed, won the Republican primary with a resounding victory, and is listening to the concerns of New Mexico’s voters. Mark has my full support because of his conservative values and ability to best represent me as a U.S. senator.

Finally, among the federal candidates, we have Yvette Herrell, who has tremendous momentum building towards November 2020. In a “rematch” of 2018, we have Herrell against Xochitl Torres Small, and NM CD-2 was named the most competitive district in the county, with Xochitl’s seat at risk. Additionally, Herrell has received endorsements from Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) and former New Mexico U.S. Congressman Harry Teague (D-NM), showing broad support. Yvette was recently accepted into the NRCC Young Guns programs, their highest tier of candidates. NM CD-2 was a district that should not have been lost in 2018 and is poised to be taken back by Yvette for Republicans in 2020. 

Regarding New Mexico state-level politics, we have a historic number of Republican candidates running for New Mexico’s state House and Senate. I encourage each person to look up their New Mexico House and Senate candidates at the “Respect New Mexico” website and support them. Three of the best examples that I have seen of state-level candidates are Stefani Lord, Michaela Chavez, and Joey Tiano. Stefani is a true patriot who has stood up to the New Mexico governor regarding the “red flag” gun-grabbing laws and won’t back down when elected. Michaela Chavez is new to politics but shows a dedication to listening to the voters of New Mexico and has what it takes to represent us in the Legislature. Finally, Joey Tiano, who is running for the New Mexico Senate, has the skills and knowledge as a former Police Officer to keep our families safe and make sure that Michelle Lujan Grisham is following the U.S. and New Mexico Constitutions. 

In New Mexico, the Democrats have complete control, which has given Michelle Lujan Grisham total, unchecked power. In 2020, we must “get back to the basics” including separation of powers. We need strong American Patriots in the New Mexico Legislature to curb the government overreach. Let’s Flip New Mexico Red and stop the Democrat Machine in 2020!!

Joaquin Roibal is a writer, engineer, and conservative activist who believes in a strong, independent, and prosperous USA. Former New Mexico Tech Student Body President and former Alexis Johnson for Congress Campaign Manager, Joaquin is a force in U.S. Politics.

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Alexis Martinez Johnson is the right candidate for Congress in NM CD-3

Congratulations to Alexis Martinez Johnson for her historic win in the 2020 Republican Primary for NM CD-3. Although Alexis only received 11% of pre-primary delegate vote for the nomination, which resulted in her being third on the ballot behind Harry Montoya and Karen Bedonie, Alexis received 36.7% of the 44,795 votes cast in the primary election, giving her a razor-thin margin of victory of 558 votes over long-time Santa Fe politico Harry Montoya.

For a candidate to not receive the 20% of pre-primary delegates to appear on the ballot and still win in the primary election is historic. Alexis gained significant media coverage due to the closeness of the race and the fact that the results were not known until the Saturday after the election day due to a large number of absentee ballots from Santa Fe County. Santa Fe is the largest county in CD-3 and one in which Harry Montoya had an 11% voter-advantage over Alexis.

Now that Alexis is the Republican Primary Winner, her opponent in the November 2020 General Election is Teresa Leger Fernandez, a Yale and Stanford-educated attorney who is endorsed by AOC, Elizabeth Warren, and Ben Ray Luján, and relied upon “Dark Money” TV ads in her primary win from a crowded field of Democrats which included former CIA operative, Valerie Plame.

Teresa is a formidable opponent for the November 2020, given the “anointed” status she obtained pre-primary, which only increased 10-fold with her win in the Democrat primary. Additionally, she raised over one million dollars pre-primary. NM CD-3 is a heavily Democrat area, eight percentage points more Democrat-leaning than the U.S. as a whole. It has only elected a Republican once during a special election since its creation in 1983. Then the Republican incumbent, Bill Redmond, lost in the general election to Tom Udall shortly after that. NM CD-3 has birthed or nurtured many long-time Democrat politicians, including Bill Richardson, Tom Udall, and Ben Ray Luján.

The time has come for the Republican Party of New Mexico, Independents, and moderate Democrats to unite behind the candidacy of Alexis Martinez Johnson for US House, NM CD-3. Alexis is a mother, a wife, and an oil and gas engineer who understands the “kitchen table” issues faced by New Mexico’s families.

Due to her education, professional experience, and perseverance, Alexis Martinez Johnson is the right person to represent New Mexico in Washington, D.C., and put New Mexico First. The time for “out-of-touch” Democrat politicians, who utilize CD-3 as a career stepping stone to higher political positions such as U.S. senator, while ignoring the most pressing needs of Northern New Mexico has passed. It is time that we return the “power to the people” and elect Alexis Martinez Johnson!

Joaquin Roibal is a conservative activist who believes in a strong, prosperous, and independent USA. Joaquin has a Master of Science in Mining Engineering from New Mexico Tech in Socorro, New Mexico. You can follow Joaquin on twitter @JoaquinRoibal or

Why Elisa Martinez supporters should vote for Gavin Clarkson in the 2020 Republican primary

It has been approximately two weeks since U.S. Senate candidate Gavin Clarkson discovered a video of fellow Republican U.S. Senate candidate Mark Ronchetti’s speech at a 2019 “climate change” conference where Ronchetti called President Donald Trump “The Orange One.” Additional videos have surfaced of Mark Ronchetti making several “jokes” about Trump—as the President is focused on flipping New Mexico to Republican and will be on the “top of the ticket” in the November 2020 election. Since that time, most 2020 Republican primary voters have switched their support to either Elisa Martinez or Dr. Gavin Clarkson. 

Republican primary voters must elect a candidate who most aligns with the Republican Party values of Faith, Family, and Freedom. When Mark Ronchetti announced his candidacy in January 2020 to much fanfare, many New Mexicans assumed that his name recognition would translate into an easy win in the Republican Primary. It’s time for New Mexico Republican voters to unite behind a single candidate with less than two weeks until the Republican Primary on June 2, 2020. 

Because Mark Ronchetti has few (if any) vocal supporters, and no experience in Politics—other than his remarks about President Donald Trump and similar commentary regarding Susana Martinez (as discovered by John Block), some Elisa Martinez’s supporters have decided to spread false narratives about Dr. Gavin Clarkson’s political legacy. If Gavin Clarkson and Elisa Martinez supporters continue tearing each other down, Mark Ronchetti will win due to his “mass appeal” among low-information voters. The result could allow him to become the nominee without addressing the concerns of Republican Primary voters. 

A brief Bio about Dr. Clarkson: Gavin is a U.S. Navy Veteran who attended Harvard Law School and Harvard Business School. Gavin worked as a New Mexico State University “Business Law” Professor before being appointed to serve in the Trump Administration, subsequently running for New Mexico’s Second Congressional District in 2018. After the Secretary of State Republican Nominee “dropped out” of the race a few months before the general election, Gavin was the overwhelming choice of Republican voters in September 2018 to take on Maggie Toulouse Oliver for New Mexico Secretary of State. 

Some of the comments from Elisa Martinez supporters Include the following controversial topics, such as Clarkson: 1. Lost to Maggie Toulouse Oliver in a “landslide,” 2. Resigned from the Trump Administration in a “controversy” and 3 is a “Carpetbagger,” as well as an out-of-touch “Elitist.”  

The real story behind these sensationalist tales is that: Gavin was the overwhelming choice of Republican State Party Leadership in 2018 during a vote in September 2018 to run against Maggie Toulouse Oliver, and despite a very short period of time to campaign (2 months), Gavin still managed a terrific showing including overperforming with the Tribal Vote. 

Secondly, Martinez supporters have continuously posted a far-left Washington Post article from 2017, which insinuated that Dr. Clarkson was coerced to resign in shame. The source of this article, and a ProPublica article on the same topic, is Human Rights Watch, a well known left-wing anti-life organization. 

Third, for some inexplicable reason, Elisa Martinez supporters have criticized Dr. Clarkson for attending Harvard Law School, in an attempt to paint him as an out-of-touch “D.C. Elitist.” Gavin has deep ties to New Mexico, including visiting his grandfather (in Las Cruces) as a child and years spent as a Business Law Professor at New Mexico State University. One of the statutory requirements of running for New Mexico Secretary of State was a requirement that the candidate resides in New Mexico for the previous Five Years. Gavin attended multiple freedom rallies around New Mexico during his official campaign for U.S. Senate, demonstrating time and time again that he is in touch with the conservative movements in New Mexico.

On May 20, 2020, a debate was scheduled on the KIVA Rock of Talk radio show hosted by Eddy Aragon, from 5:30-6:45 PM. Dr. Clarkson was the only candidate who attended the debate, even driving from Las Cruces to Albuquerque. The other two senate candidates who live in Albuquerque couldn’t be bothered to show up to the debate to create a more informed electorate. 

Now is the time for supporters of Elisa Martinez to support Gavin Clarkson. Gavin is pro-life, pro-Trump, a U.S. Navy Veteran, and has the electability to defeat Ben Ray Lujan in the November 2020 General Election, a “Far-Left” candidate who is endorsed by out-of-state pro-abortion groups such as NARAL. It is time for Republican Primary Voters to unite behind the most qualified and professional candidate who has the strongest skills and abilities to serve as our next U.S. Senator, Dr. Gavin Clarkson. 

Joaquin Roibal, M. Sci.

Joaquin is a graduate of New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology with a Master of Science in Mining Engineering. Joaquin believes in a strong, independent, and prosperous United States. Joaquin can be reached through twitter (@JoaquinRoibal) or .

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Why We Must Elect Gavin Clarkson as New Mexico’s Next U.S. Senator

Dr Gavin Clarkson is a Constitutional Law Scholar who graduated from Harvard Law School and worked as an NMSU College Professor who was hired for his professional expertise. As a politically informed individual, I started to learn of Gavin’s campaign for U.S. Senate from the perspective of an Elisa Martinez supporter. I supported Elisa Martinez’s campaign after attending her campaign kick-off event in November 2019. 

Over the course of the days, weeks and months after the Republican Nominating Convention in March 2020, it became clear to me that Dr. Clarkson had the professional expertise and experience from working in the Trump Administration to be a strong and capable advocate for New Mexicans’ most pressing “kitchen table” concerns. His plans, such as “Frack China,” which will hold China responsible for economic damages caused by COVID-19, could only come from someone with a Constitutional Law background and professional experience to understand the nuances and complexities of this issue.

Gavin understands the common man in New Mexico. Gavin continually demonstrates his concern for “The People” of New Mexico, who are labeled as “selfish” for wanting to get back to work in a responsible manner. I personally witnessed Dr. Clarkson give two speeches on Fundamental Rights and the U.S. Constitution at Freedom Rallies in Santa Fe and Belen, New Mexico. Listening to Gavin’s speeches and discussing politics with Gavin, it’s clear his encyclopedic knowledge on a number of topics, and during his time at New Mexico State University as a professor, he published more than the rest of the Business Law Faculty combined. Gavin is married to an incredibly polished and affable woman who reminds me of Ivanka Trump, the “First Daughter” of the United States.

The more that Elisa Martinez supporters and Mark Ronchetti’s Campaign attempt to “dig up dirt” to slander Dr. Clarkson, the more that he comes out shining. Three examples come to mind. First, in a mailer, Ronchetti’s team labeled him a “liberal professor” If Mr. Ronchetti, who is also seeking the Republican Primary nomination for US Senate for unknown reasons, were to attend a freedom rally with us “common folk,” he would have heard Gavin’s speeches on the US Constitution and government overreach by New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham. 

Second, in the same mailer, Mark Ronchetti’s campaign alleges that the “Trump Administration Forced Him Out.” In December 2019, Dr. Clarkson and his wife attended a Christmas party hosted by the US Department of Interior with his former boss in attendance, with a great photograph of the three of them publicly available on the “Gavin Clarkson for US Senate” Facebook page. 

Third, on Mother’s Day–of all days–Elisa Martinez supporters attempted an “exposé” where they “discovered” (through a simple google search) that Gavin’s wife, Marina, is a Licensed Aesthetician in Arlington, Virginia. It seems to me that Gavin’s opponents now realize the support Gavin is receiving from across New Mexico and they are grasping at air.  

Because of these qualities and more, Dr. Clarkson in the US Senate will ensure that New Mexicans concerns are heard in Washington D.C., but also that our constitutional rights are respected. We, the voters of New Mexico, must elect Dr. Gavin Clarkson as our next US Senator in order to ensure prosperity for the next generation. 

Joaquin Roibal is the former Student Association President of New Mexico Tech in Socorro, New Mexico and graduated with a Bachelor of Science and Master’s of Science in Mining Engineering. A conservative activist and writer, Joaquin believes in a strong, independent and prosperous United States.

 Opinions offered by Piñon Post contributors in no way, shape, or form represent the viewpoints of the publication or its editorial staff. Submit an op-ed to the Piñon Post at

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