Alexis Martinez Johnson is the right candidate for Congress in NM CD-3

Congratulations to Alexis Martinez Johnson for her historic win in the 2020 Republican Primary for NM CD-3. Although Alexis only received 11% of pre-primary delegate vote for the nomination, which resulted in her being third on the ballot behind Harry Montoya and Karen Bedonie, Alexis received 36.7% of the 44,795 votes cast in the primary election, giving her a razor-thin margin of victory of 558 votes over long-time Santa Fe politico Harry Montoya.

For a candidate to not receive the 20% of pre-primary delegates to appear on the ballot and still win in the primary election is historic. Alexis gained significant media coverage due to the closeness of the race and the fact that the results were not known until the Saturday after the election day due to a large number of absentee ballots from Santa Fe County. Santa Fe is the largest county in CD-3 and one in which Harry Montoya had an 11% voter-advantage over Alexis.

Now that Alexis is the Republican Primary Winner, her opponent in the November 2020 General Election is Teresa Leger Fernandez, a Yale and Stanford-educated attorney who is endorsed by AOC, Elizabeth Warren, and Ben Ray Luján, and relied upon “Dark Money” TV ads in her primary win from a crowded field of Democrats which included former CIA operative, Valerie Plame.

Teresa is a formidable opponent for the November 2020, given the “anointed” status she obtained pre-primary, which only increased 10-fold with her win in the Democrat primary. Additionally, she raised over one million dollars pre-primary. NM CD-3 is a heavily Democrat area, eight percentage points more Democrat-leaning than the U.S. as a whole. It has only elected a Republican once during a special election since its creation in 1983. Then the Republican incumbent, Bill Redmond, lost in the general election to Tom Udall shortly after that. NM CD-3 has birthed or nurtured many long-time Democrat politicians, including Bill Richardson, Tom Udall, and Ben Ray Luján.

The time has come for the Republican Party of New Mexico, Independents, and moderate Democrats to unite behind the candidacy of Alexis Martinez Johnson for US House, NM CD-3. Alexis is a mother, a wife, and an oil and gas engineer who understands the “kitchen table” issues faced by New Mexico’s families.

Due to her education, professional experience, and perseverance, Alexis Martinez Johnson is the right person to represent New Mexico in Washington, D.C., and put New Mexico First. The time for “out-of-touch” Democrat politicians, who utilize CD-3 as a career stepping stone to higher political positions such as U.S. senator, while ignoring the most pressing needs of Northern New Mexico has passed. It is time that we return the “power to the people” and elect Alexis Martinez Johnson!

Joaquin Roibal is a conservative activist who believes in a strong, prosperous, and independent USA. Joaquin has a Master of Science in Mining Engineering from New Mexico Tech in Socorro, New Mexico. You can follow Joaquin on twitter @JoaquinRoibal or

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  1. I heard her talk recently and am very impressed. Our core life values are under fire right now every where in America. The attacks on our Constitution and American way of life need legislators who work for us, not globalist entities. Alexis shows loyalty to the American way of life in New Mexico. Let’s re-open our state. MLG is unresponsive to us and working for outside policies.

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